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How to Use Online Registration to Boost Your Child Care Center Revenue

As a daycare center owner, director, or administrator, one of your most important metrics is revenue. It is the foundation for business health, potential growth opportunities, and retaining staff. There are a number of ways that your center can achieve these outcomes however, one of the crucial parts of boosting your daycare center revenue is how you conduct your online registration workflow. The more families and children that you are able to fit into your programs, the more your center’s revenue grows. 

Why Online Registration Matters 

Online registration isn’t just a convenience, it’s a revenue booster. While you may be used to using online solutions in your day-to-day life, Jackrabbit Care’s new Online Registration feature has been created specifically for child care providers. The more families and children you can seamlessly enroll in your programs, the greater your center’s revenue potential. In today’s digital age, where parents are seeking convenience and efficiency, offering online registration gives your brand a competitive advantage. Here are a couple of ways that you can use online registration to boost revenue at your daycare center.

Communication With Existing and Prospective Parents

Strengthening communication and relationships with parents at an early stage during the registration process is vital to increasing your daycare revenue. The more in sync you can be with them, the less likely they are to leave. As part of Jackrabbit Care’s Online Registration process, we wanted daycare centers to build these relationships early on with existing and prospective parents. Families who are already registered with your center can re-enroll at their convenience with the comfort of our mobile app! New families will be sent a link to available programs in which they can complete the registration forms required. Creating these relationships and keeping a constant flow of communication will ensure that the families who attend your center will keep coming back for years to come. 

Efficiency Through Reduced Manual Work

Running a daycare requires extensive data collection that can range from family information, child information, allergies & immunizations, and other medical or behavioral notes. Oftentimes child care center directors and managers are storing this information in multiple places.  With the help of Jackrabbit Care’s online registration feature, you and your daycare center staff will be able to collect files that are uploaded during the registration process and notify families of any outstanding information. This approach will simplify internal processes and greatly reduce the amount of hours your staff spend on paperwork and manual data entry. 

Managing and Reporting on Waitlists

It’s easy to open up registration and see all the new families interested in attending your daycare center, but what about managing waitlists? Over the past several years, waitlist times for daycare have been a major concern for parents. Not only this, but if the waitlist process is too long, parents will start looking for additional options which could negatively impact your revenue growth. Long waitlist times can deter potential parents and hinder revenue growth. Jackrabbit Care addresses this concern by providing real-time registration status updates. Once you have collected all the necessary information, you will be able to view a report for which registrations are pending review, waitlisted, approved, and denied. This flexibility empowers you to manage waitlists efficiently and enroll new and existing families with ease, ultimately boosting your center’s revenue potential.

Forecasting Enrollment

Enrollment forecasting is a critical aspect of managing your daycare center effectively. It involves predicting the number of children who will be enrolled at the center over a certain period. While it may seem like a daunting task, mastering enrollment forecasting with online registration can offer your daycare center numerous benefits, including the potential to increase revenue. Jackrabbit Care’s online registration feature allows you to predict, analyze, and forecast busier-than-expected enrollment periods. Having this level of insight allows your daycare center to optimize efficiency and allocate resources where they are most needed. 

Harnessing the power of Jackrabbit Care’s online registration is not just about streamlining administrative tasks—it’s a strategic move that can revolutionize your daycare center’s revenue potential. By leveraging this user-friendly feature to its full potential, you’re not only making registration easier for parents, but you’re also unlocking the key to a more efficient, profitable, and future-ready daycare operation. See for yourself today!


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