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Improve the enrollment process at your child care center, daycare, preschool, and afterschool program with Jackrabbit Care’s online enrollment software. Say goodbye to manual data entry and create a registration workflow that works best for your center. You can easily gather all documentation you need while reducing gaps in communication between you and your families.

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Reduce the time it takes to manage registrations with a custom digital solution.

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Customize Your Online Registration Workflow

Not a one size fits all solution.

Create your own unique class registration workflow. Jackrabbit Care allows you to customize and automate your center’s enrollment workflow to streamline the registration process for parents and save you time.

Build Trust from the Start

Relationship building with your families is important to ensure that they remain regular clients or return year after year. Online registration with Jackrabbit Care reduces communication gaps between parents and admin by seamlessly moving class enrollment along from start to finish. Give parents the ability to choose their preferred class, add appropriate information and even upload files.

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Improve Operational Workflows

Put those pens down. Jackrabbit Care helps you manage your registration approvals and waitlist in addition to collecting required documents and information from your students all in one digital space. Track registrations in real time and forecast openings so you’ll know how to adequately plan for staff.

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Make Jackrabbit Care a Part of Your Team

Grow your child care business with a team of implementation and support professionals who are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your software. Experience Jackrabbit Care’s features that will help grow your business. Whether you need to manage your center’s day-to-day operations, focus on customer acquisition or modernize parent and staff communication, Jackrabbit Care is customizable so you and your team can get started right away, your way.

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