Take control of your business with Jackrabbit Care

Want to make running your business simpler and easier? Jackrabbit Care provides the features and security you need to manage operations and family interactions online anytime and from any device.


Get organized with tools that keep you on top of communications, prospects, emailing and more.

Billing and Payment Processing

Bill parents and collect payments online. It’s more convenient for parents, and you get paid faster.

Check In/Out

Automate check in/out for parents and staff to eliminate the inaccuracy and hassle of manual time tracking.

Immunization Management

Simplify immunization management and tracking by turning to an online database of vaccinations.

Online Registration

Register children more quickly and with less data entry from you. You maintain control over enrollment while using a parent portal to gather information.


Manage dates and data—from financial info to birthdays—with an executive dashboard and easy-to-run reports.

Explore Features

Customize Jackrabbit Care childcare management software to match your childcare center’s needs.