Powerful Features
for Child Care Centers

Run your business from anywhere with Jackrabbit Care’s cloud-based management software.

Child Care Center Management
Made Easy

Gather deeper insights into growth and roadblocks to success with an all-in-one child care center management software. Truly optimize every available opening to grow your center’s revenue. Manage your current and future enrollments with online registration and take action to maximize your capacity.

Jackrabbit Care center management software features for desktop, laptop and mobile devices
Child care center management software features

Child Care Classroom Management Solutions

Empower teachers and staff with details on each student and class to provide a better classroom management experience. With the ultimate schedule flexibility, build classrooms and programs that work for your parents and your center with Jackrabbit’s flexible and robust scheduling features.

Center Management Software that Grows With
Your Child Care Business

Perfect for small to mid-sized child care centers.

Allergy and Immunization records tracking software

Allergy & Immunization

Easily track child allergies and immunizations for safety and compliance.
Attendance and classroom ratio management software for child care

Attendance & Ratio Management

Real-time child and staff attendance tracking and child-to-teacher ratio management.
check-in kiosk low fidelity graphic

Check-In &
Check-Out Kiosk

Accurately track students and staff for optimal safety and convenience for historical recordkeeping.
online registration low fidelity graphic

Online Registration

Reduce the time it takes to manage registrations with a
custom digital solution.
Parent engagement mobile app for child care

Parent Engagement

Easily communicate through our mobile app with parents for updates, billing and even photos.
jackrabbit care family account balance lofi graphic

Tuition & Billing

Custom billing profiles, automated tuition posting and detailed invoices for accurate reporting.
Jackrabbit Care support team for child care centers

Partner With a Team Who Cares

Grow your child care business with a team of implementation and support professionals who are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your software. Experience Jackrabbit Care’s features that will help grow your business. Whether you need to manage your center’s day-to-day operations, focus on customer acquisition or modernize parent and staff communication, Jackrabbit Care is customizable so you and your team can get started right away, your way.

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