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Automate check in/out for parents and staff to eliminate the inaccuracy and hassle of manual time tracking.

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Simplify immunization management and tracking by turning to an online database of vaccinations.

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Register children more quickly and with less data entry from you. You maintain control over enrollment while using a parent portal to gather information.


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With ePayment solutions from C&H Financial Services and SafeSave Payments, you can accept credit cards and process online payments easily. ePayment options are available to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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Inspiration for Designing the Ideal Daycare Facility

If you’ve decided to start a brand new childcare center, congratulations on this exciting journey. One of the first steps in this complex process is deciding on a facility to host your center. If you choose to go with a newly-constructed building, careful design planning is crucial. Here are some factors to consider when figuring out the best layout for your new center.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to get started:

1. What age groups do you plan to accommodate at your child care facility?
2. What is the maximum amount of students total and for each age group that you plan to admit?
3. How many hours of the day and week do you plan to keep your center open?

These factors will help you to determine the appropriate size to make the building as a whole. It can also help you get a realistic picture of how many classrooms and common spaces you’ll need and what safety and security measures you should plan on adding to the structure.

Though there’s no one-size-fits-all blueprint for child care centers, here are some elements you should definitely seek to include:

1. Adult and child accessible restrooms
2. Classrooms and large gathering areas
3. Both indoor and outdoor activity spaces
4. A nurse’s station area
5. A cafeteria
6. Ample storage areas
7. Office space
8. Conference room space

In addition to these basic features, look for ways to make your childcare facility as child-friendly as possible. Be sure to stay on top of the latest health and safety regulations. Add finishing touches to make the surroundings at your center stimulating to the imagination without being overwhelming to the senses. This could include tasteful decorations, an inviting color scheme, comfortable furniture, and a pleasant outdoor space.

Your objective should be to help students feel as much at home as possible during the time they’re under your care. This goal will take a lot of thoughtful planning, but your students are worth the effort! Try to put yourself in the shoes of a young child coming to daycare for the first day. What could you do to make their transition from their previous environment as smooth as possible?

Set up spaces for different types of learners so each child can thrive. Include areas for winding down, relaxation, and imaginative play as well as other spaces for structured activities. You want to nurture your students both emotionally and physically so they’ll look forward to spending time at your childcare facility each time they come through the doors.

When it comes to choosing between different daycare centers, parents will most likely base their decision in part on the appearance of the various facilities they’re considering for their child. Providing a well-designed, homelike, and organized space can give your center an edge when it comes to impressing parents and attracting students. Most importantly, your building’s design is a reflection of the care and concern you have for the precious children you feel called to serve. Do your best to make sure your devotion to them shines through in every aspect of your childcare center’s design.

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