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Check-in & Check-out Kiosk

Manage check-ins and check-outs by site for authorized contacts of children, as well as staff members, by using unique PIN codes with Jackrabbit Care’s integrated Kiosk.
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Accurately Track Children and Staff for Optimal Safety and Convenience for Historical Recordkeeping

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Stay Compliant with Easy Reporting

Reducing your stress every chance we can.

Jackrabbit Care’s Kiosk easily captures and stores staff hours for quick payroll reporting. Plus, no more paper sign-in sheets. Parents are in charge of children check-in and check-out to create less stress at the beginning and end of your day.

Secure Student Check-in and Check-out Process

Maintain student safety with Jackrabbit Care’s individually issued PIN codes that authorized contacts must use when dropping off and picking up children.

Accurate Staff Clock-in and Clock-out

Jackrabbit Care’s integrated Kiosk makes an easy-to-use time clock for staff and helps provide a snapshot of who is in the site at any time.
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Partner With a Team Who Cares

Grow your child care business with a team of experts who are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your software. With our team of support specialists, you’ll find a management system that works for your center, not against it. Jackrabbit Care’s mission is to help teams do what they love by providing easy-to-use, fully-featured and innovative cloud-based child care software solutions for managing business operations.

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