Childcare center staff member speaks with a mother and her child

Webinar: How to Boost Parent Engagement

If you’re struggling to get parents to communicate with you and your staff, or want to explore new ways to keep them engaged with your childcare center, Jackrabbit Care has the tips and tricks to help you in our latest webinar, “How to Boost Parent Engagement”.

Boosting your parent engagement might just be the perfect way to help your child care center stand out in the crowd and Jackrabbit Care is here to help. According to a review of studies by the American Psychological Association, when parents engage in their student’s education and care, children usually perform better academically. In our webinar, we explore what it means to truly and actively engage with parents as opposed to bare minimum communications, how to accommodate parents with busy schedules, the benefits of boosting engagement and some of the methods you can utilize today to start working towards them.

One way is the Jackrabbit Care Mobile App! If you’ve ever been curious about adding a mobile app to your offerings, this webinar is a great way to learn more. We dive in with Jackrabbit Care’s Product manager, Amanda Prokupek as she runs through the features and benefits of the app and how they can be used.

If you missed our live broadcast, don’t worry! We’ve got a recording for you to watch on your schedule right here! Tune in for:

  • Knowledge of parent engagement and its role in a successful child care center.
  • Methods to help leverage parent engagement at your center.
  • An exclusive look and demonstration of our Jackrabbit Care Mobile App!

Want to learn even more about the Jackrabbit Care mobile app? See how adopting it into your center’s offerings can benefit your center.

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