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Child Care Management Software

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Since 2004, the Jackrabbit family of products has provided thousands of children’s development programs with reliable, fast and secure management software. Jackrabbit Care’s focus is to streamline the business operations of child care centers with a software that was built from the ground up based on feedback from real owners, directors, managers, and educators. If you’re looking for an alternative to the others, you’re starting in the right place.

Jackrabbit Care
vs Procare

If you’re interested in a child care center management software with transparent pricing, unlimited free support and is tailored for your center, jump in the rabbit hole to learn more.
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Jackrabbit Care
vs Brightwheel

Learn how to ease the stress of child care center billing management with Jackrabbit Care so you can spend less time behind a desk.
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Jackrabbit Care
vs Lillio

If you want a user-friendly child care center management software that saves you time and allows you to grow, check out Jackrabbit Care.
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Jackrabbit Care is here to help with unlimited support to make your switch from any child care management software as seamless as possible. Our support team will assist with your class and student data import and guide you through any obstacles that you might encounter during the set up process. We are real people here for you!

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