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Turn to Jackrabbit Care. It’s the easiest, most reliable and responsive childcare center management software available. See why Jackrabbit technology is increasing success at more than 12,000 schools, childcare centers, studios and other child-focused businesses. We’re helping thousands of small business owners save time as they stay on top of tasks. It’s all so they can focus on what really matters—caring for children and living a great life.

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“Jackrabbit handles the details of all of our complexities without the need for me to get manually involved. I’m not what I’d define as computer savvy – more like computer aware – but it didn’t take me long to establish a good level of proficiency with the system.”
– Barbara Bone, Child Educational Center

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Jackrabbit Care puts you on the path to more freedom as you run your business. You’ll love the automation and efficiency of working online. Parents will too. Everyone saves time as tasks like check in/out and billing get easier.
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Run your childcare center more easily online


Get organized with tools that keep you on top of communications, prospects, emailing and more.

Billing and Payment Processing

Bill parents and collect payments online. It’s more convenient for parents, and you get paid faster.

Check In/Out

Automate check in/out for parents and staff to eliminate the inaccuracy and hassle of manual time tracking.

Immunization Management

Simplify immunization management and tracking by turning to an online database of vaccinations.

Online Registration

Register children more quickly and with less data entry from you. You maintain control over enrollment while using a parent portal to gather information.


Manage dates and data—from financial info to birthdays—with an executive dashboard and easy-to-run reports.

Why choose Jackrabbit Care to run your childcare center

Taking care of children calls for patience, compassion and a great sense of humor. You also need to be organized and efficient. That’s where Jackrabbit Care delivers. You’re great with kids, and we’re great with running childcare centers. We save you time, so you can devote more to what really matters — and that’s providing children with the safe and supportive environment that they need to thrive.

How can Jackrabbit Care save you time as you run your care center more efficiently? So many ways. Just take immunization management as an example. With Jackrabbit Care, you track immunizations online. Alerts show you when students are overdue. You manage immunization-related communications easily. Plus, you manage administrative items like enrollment, check in/out, reporting and more online. It’s all more automatic.

Here are a few other Jackrabbit Care features to consider as you choose childcare center management software:

Expect top-notch support

Jackrabbit offers the biggest and best support team in the industry. We’re there for you during regular business hours. You can reach us by email, web chat or phone call. Our team is committed to responding to every email request within 2 to 4 hours (applies to regular support hours). Plus, you can watch videos that offer step-by-step how-tos. We even have a Jumpstart team to help new users get started with Jackrabbit Care faster.

Barbara Bone of the Child Education Center finds the support with Jackrabbit more than meets her needs. She says: “From day one I had great confidence in my ability to do everything I need to do in Jackrabbit because of the safety net that the excellent support team provides. They have my back when I need a question answered… It’s excellent support.”

Spend less time managing billing

You and your staff probably spend significant time each month getting billing right. You might offer discounts for multiple children in a family or prepayment. Long-time students might have a lower rate than new arrivals. And you don’t want to forget about late pick-up fees. Manual billing management can be a huge time drain. In fact, the Christ Church Children’s Center used to spend about 30 hours a week managing billing, enrollment and payments for about 100 students. They switched to Jackrabbit Care. Guess what happened. They now spend just 5 hours a week.

Mike Arndt, director of Christ Church Children’s Center, says: “These processes were very time consuming without Jackrabbit… I wouldn’t believe the time savings if I hadn’t experienced it for myself.”

Enjoy life more

Owning a business isn’t a full-time job; it’s usually much more time consuming than that. Many childcare center owners who turn to Jackrabbit find that online center management saves them so much time that that they can devote more energy to what really matters. Basically, you improve your processes and your work/life balance.

Kathy Schaeffer of Kathy’s Child Care says: “Using Jackrabbit Care has made managing my child care much more enjoyable. I find myself with more time to spend on the activities that drew me to open this facility. I spend less time on the administrative cycles of my business, but I know more about it than I ever have before.”

Go online to save money and time

Technology-powered childcare center management doesn’t have to come from desktop software. It’s better to use an online system. There are many disadvantages with desktop software. You have to load, update and manage it yourself. Or you have to pay someone to come to your care center to help. When you have a hardware problem, you have to pay someone to help you address it right away — because all your data is locked inside the desktop computer. With Jackrabbit Care, you work online; we store your data and keep your software updated. You can access your data from a computer or tablet. You’re not tied to a single device.

Cristin Jensen, program director at Central Christian Academy, was happy to say goodbye to the old way, reporting that: “Jackrabbit Care has made managing our day-to-day tasks much easier. I don’t know how we managed with a PC-based system in the past. The system is easy to learn and use – and that says a lot since I’m not very computer savvy.”

Being earth-friendly is budget-friendly

With Jackrabbit Care, you manage your childcare center online. Rather than paper timesheets, you do online check in/out for students and staff. To communicate with parents, you turn to email instead of regular mail. You use and buy less paper. Plus, you spend less on postage. Going paperless with Jackrabbit Care helps the environment and your budget.

Angie Dutch, founder and CEO of the APEC Learning Center, explains: “Jackrabbit Care is the reason that we can be paperless. We save time, money and space. Parents love the online options, and we’re kinder to the environment. Jackrabbit Care’s reports also make it easy for me to quickly pull reports that are required to maintain some of our location’s childcare subsidies.”

Child Care Center Management Solutions: Finding Time to Teach, Part 1

As the director of a child care center, you have an abundance of responsibilities. As your child care center has grown, the administrative duties have taken more and more of your time. Perhaps it’s to the point that you barely get to see the children in your care, let alone get to teach them! Instead of teaching, though, you’re performing necessary tasks like paying bills and processing payroll and recruiting new staff members, maybe even trying your hand at some new marketing ideas. But none of that is as fulfilling as teaching! While you’re thankful for the growth which you’re experiencing, you wish you could get back to doing what you love.

Learning from Others

If the situation above describes your current angst, you’re definitely not the only one! And the frustration you’re feeling is not only normal, but it doesn’t have to be your future. Why don’t you listen in on what some other child care center directors have experienced and found helpful when they were in your shoes.

Cristin Jensen of Central Christian Academy describes how new management software gave her freedom: “Jackrabbit Care’s web-based format is liberating. Whether I need to answer important questions for parents, double-check work done by other staff members or kick off billing, I can now do so from my home.”

Another child care center director, Barbara Bone, explains how she benefited from the same program: “Jackrabbit gives me what I need to keep my finger on every financial detail. Statements work well for me, and what’s even better is that our parents like them. They get it and appreciate how much easier the software makes it to interact with us.”

You can check out additional testimonials here. As these customers have helped explain, by automating many administrative tasks and offering accessibility through its web-based platform, Jackrabbit Care software can free you up to teach again without working more hours or hiring more staff.

Understanding Basic Functions

One of the ways that Jackrabbit software frees you up is by allowing you to automate administrative functions such as registration and enrollment. Without the need to enter data from hard copy applications, your schedule will be freed up. You can help facilitate online registration by setting up a laptop or iPad in the lobby of your child care center. This functionality can also impact existing child care center families by allowing them to use the secure Parent Portal to make payments from their smartphones.

In addition to a Parent Portal, Jackrabbit includes a Staff Portal that allows you to communicate quickly and easily with staff members. One of our customers’ favorite aspects is the time clock or time tracking features. By putting the responsibility for tracking time on your staff members, you reduce your own workload while also ensuring that staff members are paid accurately based on the amount of hours they’ve logged.

And those are just the beginning! Continue reading below with Part 2 to find out more about how Jackrabbit can help free up your schedule.

Child Care Center Management Solutions: Finding Time to Teach, Part 2

You started your child care center because you love teaching, right? But as your center has grown, you’ve probably found less and less time for doing what you really love. Instead, you’re stuck dealing with more mundane yet necessary tasks such as payment processing and communicating with parents. In Part 1 (above), we looked at a few of the many testimonials from child care directors just like you, who have been able to free up their valuable time in order to do more of what they truly want to do. This post will give you some more details about the specific features that can help free up your valuable time.

Constant Access

The last thing you want to do is stay late or go in on weekends to do billing, check a schedule, look up contact information, or send out a quick reminder to your staff. With Jackrabbit’s online platform, all your information is accessible from any device, wherever you can get online! You don’t have to worry about security, either, thanks to the secure login and your complete control over the amount of information available for parents as well as other staff members at your child care center. Security, accessibility, and convenience are all yours with Jackrabbit Care!

Information Format

The format of Jackrabbit is designed intuitively, with a Dashboard that allows you to see the most important information every time you log in. This customizable display allows you to easily track whatever you designate as key performance indicators. Robust reporting capabilities also allow you to easily select the kinds of information you’d like to see at a glance, allowing you to be informed as you make business decisions for the future of your child care center.

Additional Processes

Processing payments has never been easier, thanks to safe storage of bank account and credit card information. Jackrabbit Care allows you to accurately collect payments automatically each month, freeing up your valuable time and attention. From e-mailing parents to alerting staff members, updating accounts and rearranging schedules, many administrative tasks that were once time consuming, requiring various applications, can all be performed easily through a single platform. Since each change is trackable and viewable in real time by those to whom you’ve given access, you’ll feel more in control of all the details and communications involved in running your child care center.

Angie Dutch of APEC Learning Center says that she knows she couldn’t have kept up with the pace of her child care center’s growth without Jackrabbit Care. “Automating processes – such as APEC’s enrollment – has been fantastic in freeing up staff for more meaningful tasks.”

Mike Arndt from Christ Church Children’s Center is looking forward to future growth, thanks to Jackrabbit Care. As he puts it, “We can grow because we aren’t constantly stuck in the day-to-day. I can make strategic plans and actually have time to act on them.”

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