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Jackrabbit’s Daycare Center management software is specifically designed for the unique and dynamically-changing needs of daycare centers. This flexible daycare business software allows owners, directors and administrators to spend less time managing their center and more time growing it. Jackrabbit Care makes tracking staff and children’s locations easy so that operations are more efficient, and communication is seamless.
Daycare management software by Jackrabbit Care

Efficiently Track Child and Staff Attendance Across
Multiple Programs and Schedules in Real Time

Attendance and classroom ratio management software for child care
Organize daycare business operations by setting up programs, classes
and schedules to accurately place
staff and children. Find open spots in your daycare to maximize revenue while managing ratios, enrollment
and waitlists.
Check-in and check-out kiosk for child care centers
Maintain compliance for historical and current attendance tracking across classes with unique PINs for each
staff and parent to use for staff clock-in/out and child check-in/outs. Also, allow daycare staff to check students in and out of the facility for convenience.
Parent engagement mobile app for child care
Communicate about events, billing or class updates easier to individuals or to a group through our mobile app and built-in daycare communication tool. Send media, such as photos and videos, to parents in a group or
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Jackrabbit Care Works for You

Grow your child care business with a team of implementation and support professionals who are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your software. Whether you need to manage your center’s day-to-day operations, focus on customer acquisition or modernize parent and staff communication, Jackrabbit Care is totally customizable so you and your team can get started right away, your way – and we are here to help!

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Award-Winning Software Support

Since 2004, Jackrabbit has been the #1 name in children’s development, activity and child care centers around the world. Backed by our team of trainers, implementation specialists and client success specialists, Jackrabbit supports its clients better than any other software in
the industry. With our award-winning client success team, the Jackrabbit Care child care center management software is easy to learn.

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