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With the industry’s largest team of instructors, software coaches and customer-success specialists, Jackrabbit Care delivers
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The Jackrabbit Care support team is ready to help you set up your database successfully. We assign a personal Jumpstart Coach to help you during the initial software setup process. Your Coach can answer your questions, too.

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Reach us by email, web chat and phone call or schedule a Jumpstart session. We’re here for you.

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Explore our collection of online User Guides in the Help Center for Jackrabbit Care.

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Watch easy-to-follow video tutorials that demonstrate how you can take control of your childcare business online.


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Join us at our semi-annual BOOST User Conference to learn the latest tips, tricks and best-in-class features. Share ideas and network with other successful business owners.

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From web chats to fast email support, the Jackrabbit Care team is ready to help. We guarantee to provide support
in 2-4 hours on all email requests within our regular business hours of 8:00am-8:00pm/EST, Mon.-Fri.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We will take immediate action to ensure your
satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sandhill Gymnastics

Barbara Bone, Child Educational Center

“From day one I had great confidence in my ability to do everything I need to do in Jackrabbit because of the safety net that the excellent support team provides. They have my back when I need a question answered. Based on my initial information, they can come back with resolutions or with the right questions to get to the root of my issue. It’s excellent support. They’re smart enough to gather information first so they can come to the conversation prepared to quickly get to the root of my issue.”

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