Fueled By Passion, Innovation and Caring

The Jackrabbit Story

Under the leadership of Mark Mahoney, Mike Carper, Darin Soll, and Tracy Egan, the Jackrabbit team is proud to be at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation in the youth activity center industry. Motivation, creativity and vision have led all of Jackrabbit’s software solutions to rise above all others in quality of software, customer support and speed of product enhancement. The entire Jackrabbit organization maintains a culture of helpfulness that surpasses any in the marketplace.

The dawn of a new millennium meets the mind of innovative thinker, former gymnast and gym owner, Mark Mahoney, has a lightbulb moment that will determine not only his destiny but that of an industry!

Dawn of New Millennium Meets Mind of Innovative Thinker

Mark met with longtime friend, Mike Carper, bounced a few ideas around, and just like that…the software concept and partnership that started an industry revolution was born.

A Bunny is Born

The coffee brewed into the early morning hours and sleep was in short supply for the two visionaries but the design and development continued.

Ideas in the Hopper

Scott and Rachel Davis, along with their team at North Raleigh Gymnastics, sign on as Jackrabbit’s first pilot client.

Input From Experienced Owners

Jackrabbit expands beyond youth activity centers into the child care center market.

Filling a Multi-Industry Need

Jackrabbit attained its first non- US client when The Dance Gallery from Kamloops BC became a client.

Jackrabbit Crosses Canada-US Border in Signing On First International Client

Articulating the purpose of their software is something Mark and Mike did early on.

Helping Owners Teach Children

Jackrabbit is recognized for an entire decade on the Inc 5000 list and is named to the Honor Roll which bestows another layer of distinction upon the company.

Ten Years of Consistent Growth Impressively Places Jackrabbit on Inc 5000 Honor Roll

Establish the need and how a solution was empowered by Mark, Mike, and the Jackrabbit team that they assembled.

The Vision That Changed the Game

Jackrabbit once again soars past other class management technology with the release of the Time Clock, Online Registration and Costume & Recital modules. Providing even more automation for owners, managers and teachers.

Matching Feature Development to User Needs

The Jackrabbit Parent and Staff Portals are introduced, connecting centers to their customers, students and teachers in new ways. Offering Parent and Staff Portals helps Jackrabbit clients differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Enhancements Empower Clients to Be Marketplace Leaders

Partners with value-adding functionality gives clients end-to-end tools for excellence while enabling Jackrabbit to keep focus on the software that is the foundation of operations.

Partnerships Augment Jackrabbit’s Management System for Youth Activity Centers

The Jackrabbit team and its families celebrated its growing reach within youth activity centers as it puts both 5000 and 6000 milestones in its rearview mirror.

Celebrates Its Reach With Youth Activity Centers As It Surpasses 5000 and 6000 Client Milestones

Jackrabbit is a team of 100 remote employees that serve more than 6,500 clients in 43 countries and growing by the day. Mark and Mike have maintained their focus on client success and employee happiness to ensure Jackrabbit’s future.

Client Success and Employee Happiness are Foundation for Jackrabbit’s Bright Future

Jackrabbit introduces the next generation of Jackrabbit Care as a reimagined child care center management solution.

Building For Childcare from the Ground Up

Our Co-Founders Through the Years

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