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Enhancing Convenience and Streamlining Operations with Jackrabbit Care

We are thrilled to introduce a range of exciting new features designed to elevate your experience as an owner or mobile app user. With a focus on convenience, security, and seamless operations, these enhancements will empower you to manage your childcare center and stay connected with families like never before. Let’s take a look into the details of these feature enhancements. 

Jackrabbit Care’s New Mobile Features

Multi-Center PIN Management

Managing multiple center PINS has never been easier. We’ve introduced a unique option for users to set individual PINs for each center they’re associated with. Whether you prefer to have the same PIN across multiple locations or opt for a unique one for each business, the choice is yours. Our platform ensures that each PIN remains exclusive to its respective center. PIN numbers must consist of a minimum of 4 digits, providing both security and personalized access. Take control of your security with our multi-center PIN management feature, making your childcare experience secure.

Invite Any Contact to the App

We are excited to introduce a fresh update to our mobile app that expands your network and strengthens family engagement. Now, owners and administrators can invite any contact to join and participate in our mobile app, reaching beyond legal guardians. If you have already set a personal PIN number, accessing it is now easier than ever. Simply tap on the dedicated icon, and watch as it elegantly flips around to reveal your PIN number! For those who haven’t set a PIN yet, don’t worry. You’ll see a clear “Set PIN” icon, guiding you through the process. We’ve made sure that securing your account is both user-friendly and effective. Check out the graphic below👇

We value the feedback of our users, particularly families enrolled in childcare centers with diverse family dynamics. With this new feature, we proactively include all family members associated with enrolled children. Imagine the convenience of inviting stepdaughters, stepsons, grandparents, and others to stay connected through our mobile app. Strengthen connections, enhance engagement, and create an exceptional childcare experience for every member of the family.

New Features for Your Administration

Owner Site Dashboard – Streamlined Payment Management

Tracking past due payments is now effortless with our powerful addition to the Owner Site Dashboard. Owners and administrators can now effortlessly monitor and manage outstanding payments associated with billing profiles within Jackrabbit Care. Our convenient widget directs you to the financial reports page, providing a comprehensive overview of “past due” balances. This streamlines the process and empowers childcare staff with a seamless experience of tracking overdue payments at the site level. Stay on top of your finances and keep your childcare center running smoothly!

Owner Site Dashboard – Enhanced Communication with Messages Widget

Stay informed, connected, and facilitate exceptional communication with our new Messages widget on the Owner Site Dashboard. Designed specifically for owners and administrators, this feature allows you to access broadcast channels, view important messages, and stay on top of your entire family’s account inboxes. Messages are conveniently filtered based on recency and alphabetically, ensuring you never miss a beat. By encouraging owners and administrators to add families or classes to their dashboard, this feature promotes active engagement and prompt response. Stay connected, stay informed, and provide exceptional communication within your childcare center!


Owner Site Dashboard – Simplified Setup with Empty State Widget

For administrators or owners starting fresh with Jackrabbit Care, our new Empty State widget ensures a smooth onboarding experience. At the dashboard level view, you’ll find two handy sub-navigation cards guiding you through your first steps. Create your first class or add a family account with ease. Watch as the sub-navigation card disappears, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment. From there, you’ll have a clear overview of your completed actions on the dashboard level. Simplify your setup process and get started on the right foot!

Take Control with Kiosk Settings Management

At Jackrabbit Care, we believe in empowering owners and administrators. That’s why we’ve introduced a new setting that allows you to seamlessly manage your kiosk settings. Within the Business Settings tab, you’ll discover a dedicated page that takes you to the updated kiosk settings. From here, you can easily toggle between different options, granting permissions for contacts and team members to send emails, verify email addresses, or create PIN codes for specific sites. Take charge of your childcare center’s operations with our comprehensive kiosk settings management, ensuring smooth workflows and tailored access.


We hope you found this blog post insightful. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our new features, you can schedule a demo or start your free trial today!

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