Jackrabbit Care's CircleTime App

New Look, New Feel: Introducing CircleTime by Jackrabbit Care

In May of 2023, Jackrabbit Care embarked on a mission to improve how child care centers managed their day-to-day operations. While focusing on building out important features, the team at Jackrabbit Care realized the importance of developing a mobile app. This app was needed to help child care centers and families stay connected from anywhere.

Over the last year, the Jackrabbit Care app saw steady growth and the need for a rebrand was identified to establish Jackrabbit Care and CircleTime™ as a household name in the childcare industry.

What is CircleTime™?

CircleTime is Jackrabbit Care’s newly rebranded parent mobile app. While there are many features within the app, below are some of the most commonly used by parents as part of their child’s journey at a childcare facility:

  • Real two-way communication
  • Returning family re-registration process
  • Transaction history
  • Mobile payments
  • Parent-generated statements for tax filings
  • Account management
  • Contact details

Why CircleTime™?

The name CircleTime™ was carefully crafted. CircleTime™ reflects our dedication to fostering strong connections within the child care community, inspired by the traditional circle time in early childhood education that promotes development in multiple domains. We envision CircleTime™ as an app that strengthens the bonds between child care centers, parents, and children, symbolized by the app’s three interconnected circles. According to ECCP (Early Childhood Consultation Partnership), circle time in childcare centers significantly improves children’s social, physical, cognitive, and language development.™

Meaning Behind the Circles

Each circle in the CircleTime™ logo represents a key pillar of the child care ecosystem: centers, parents, and children. This design choice embodies Jackrabbit’s mission to unify these elements, creating a supportive and engaging environment for every child’s journey.

If you would like to see Jackrabbit Care or CircleTime™ in action, schedule a demo with one of our Care Implementation team coaches to see how Jackrabbit’s solutions can solve your childcare needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access the CircleTime™ app?

Our rebranded app is available in both IOS and Google Play stores!

When could I expect to see changes on my app?

Starting now! CircleTime is available on all devices.

Will I still have the same functionality?

Of course! While we are always releasing updates and improvements to our mobile app, the same features that you know and love have not changed.

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