10 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Staff During Teacher Appreciation Week

10 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Staff During Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is a special time of the year when we recognize and celebrate the hard work of teachers and staff members. It’s an opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation for the important role they play in your child care center. That’s why it’s essential for child care center owners and managers to find ways to show their staff that they are valued and appreciated.

Why celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teacher Appreciation Week is a dedicated time to recognize the hard work and dedication of teachers in child care centers, but is it worth celebrating? Absolutely!

There are many benefits to expressing appreciation to your staff. It shows them that their work is noticed and needed, which can help boost morale, build relationships, and create an environment of support. Additionally, it can help motivate employees to work harder, increase their loyalty to your child care center and help prevent burnout.

Show your teachers some love this Teacher Appreciation Week with these 10 ideas that will let them know you care!

10 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Staff

Send a Handwritten Note

Taking the time to write and send a handwritten note may be the easiest and most meaningful way to show your appreciation for your staff during Teacher Appreciation Week. A handwritten note is a tangible reminder of your appreciation and may be cherished by the recipient for years to come. It’s also a great way to build relationships with employees and may help increase the friendly interactions you have throughout the day.

Give them a Small Gift

Gifts are another great way to show appreciation to your staff. Giving small tokens of gratitude such as flowers, gift cards, or treats is an excellent way to express how much they mean to you. It also creates positive energy within your center and boosts morale. Want to make sure your gifts are a hit? Ask about your teacher’s favorite foods, flowers, restaurants and shopping locations during the hiring process for easy reference.

Throw a Party

Celebrating with your staff can create positive energy and provide employees with an opportunity to have fun together outside of their daily work routines. It’s a great way to foster relationships between coworkers and reinvigorate their enthusiasm.

Offer Flexible Schedules

Who doesn’t love a good work-life balance? If you have the means to do so, offering flexible schedules shows your staff that you appreciate their hard work. Flexible schedules give teachers more control over their lives, which can help reduce stress levels. Using the right child care management software can make schedule changes a breeze for you too!

Extra Days Off

Providing employees with more time away from work can help them recharge and come back refreshed with new ideas and energy. Consider having bonus days rotate over the coming weeks so everyone gets an equal amount of time away from work!


Rewarding employees with a raise sends a clear message that their efforts are valued and appreciated. If teachers at your child care center are meeting expectations and showing growth in performance reviews, it could be time to think about a raise if you can make it happen as a manager or center owner.

Offer Additional Performance Bonuses

Have your teachers been knocking it out of the park lately? Teacher Appreciation Week is a great time to start offering performance bonuses. In addition to giving out the other things on this list, offering them as performance goals is a great way to help with employee retention and motivation.

Provide professional development

Professional development helps employees stay up-to-date with the latest trends, increases their knowledge base, and creates opportunities for career growth. Make sure to seek out classes that offer relevant certifications that your teachers will actually want to pursue.

Organize a Fun Outing or Team-Building Event

This type of event gives employees an opportunity to relax together outside of work, which helps foster relationships between coworkers and encourages collaboration. It also provides employees with an opportunity to have fun together which can help boost morale once you’re all back at work.

Ask for Ideas

Not sure what to do? Don’t be shy, just ask. The teachers at your child care facility may have ideas similar to these or different ones entirely, but at the end of the day, if you aren’t feeling confident about a way to make your teachers happy, they may be your best resource!

There are many ways you can show appreciation to your staff during Teacher Appreciation Week. Whether you choose to go simple with a handwritten note or all-out with a team outing, there are plenty of options available for you as a child care center owner or manager to express your gratitude towards your staff during this special week.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a designated time to show your appreciation to the hardworking members of your child care facility, but if you want to make their day-to-day easier during the rest of the year, check out Jackrabbit Care and see how we can help you manage your center.

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