Time Clock

Check In/Check Out


Stop tracking attendance manually—for children and staff. Jackrabbit Care includes a check in/out time clock that supports an unlimited number of children, staff members and contacts per family. You increase the accuracy of attendance records and save time on administration. All data is stored in Jackrabbit Care childcare software for easy reference and reporting.

You can set up a check in/out station at your care center on a mounted device or a mobile tablet. It’s flexible and works with a touchscreen, pin pad, mouse or keyboard. Share attendance-related messages with staff or specific families.

Group Check-In and Out

Do children arrive in groups at your daycare center? End the hassle of individual check-in for groups by assigning group PINs to the people who drop off or check in children, such as teachers and bus drivers. Children can be checked in as a group, then checked out individually when their caregivers pick them up.

Staff Schedules

Help your staff members stay organized with online schedules. They view times and dates of shifts and meetings you expect them to attend. As you run your business, you gain better visibility into and control over staff schedules.

Permissions for Security

Keep your online childcare management software secure—and easy for staff to use. You can manage what individual staff members can and can’t view. Simply set permissions differently for specific staff members. This helps you run your business and keep your whole team on track. Use multiple levels of permissions to control what different staffers and managers see. Give managers permission to approve staff time.