What to Include in Your Child Care Center Newsletter

Working with children and toddlers will keep your hands full and barely leave you time to catch your breath. However, while you enjoy teaching your young students, there is still a business to run.

As a daycare owner, you need to juggle the business part of your job as well as the teaching part. Although the back-end aspect may not be as enjoyable, there are ways to streamline the process. 

Keeping your parents informed and up-to-date on your daycare’s news, upcoming events, policies, etc. is crucial if you want your business to be a success. However, if you would rather spend your time in the classroom instead of behind your computer screen crafting a childcare newsletter, worry not! We are here to save the day. 

Keep on reading to discover childcare newsletter ideas so you can get it over and done with quickly and return to doing what you really love: being with children. 

So, what should you include in your childcare center newsletter and how should you go about it?

Planning Out Your Newsletters

Thoroughly planning out your newsletters will ease the process and take away much of the stress involved. An organized mind is a peaceful mind, so having a clear blueprint to follow for your newsletters is the best way to go. So, first things first.

Choose A Medium 

There is no right or wrong way to reach out to your parents. It really is a matter of convenience. Which medium do most of your parents use regularly? Which medium is easily accessible? 

Some preschools hand out printed hard copies of newsletters to parents as they pick up their children. Others have a communication folder that is put in the students’ bags with updates, yet others prefer to mail newsletters directly to the parents’ home addresses. Another idea is to create a Viber community. Perhaps the easiest (and eco-friendly method) is to use email as your newsletter platform. The latter method is growing in popularity as it ensures that everything is delivered on time, especially as parents have constant access to their emails on their smartphones.

Determine Frequency

Once you have decided on the medium of your childcare newsletter, you need to decide on the frequency and create a predictable calendar. Bombarding your parents daily and flooding their inbox will eventually wear them – and you – out. 

On the other hand, sending out an email every couple of months will barely succeed in connecting the school and home. Instead, try to keep a regular schedule for reaching out to your parents to keep them promptly well-informed.

Typically, once a month is ideal. Anything more frequent than that will have you struggling to fill out the space in your newsletter and striving to find things to say.  

Outline Your Must-Have Content

Write down a list of notable upcoming events, holiday closings, and reminders that you need to inform your parents. Write everything in your calendar so you won’t forget to include anything when the time comes. Take pictures of past events, excursions, student workshops, etc., and include these in a special section of your newsletter where you give a brief review of the past month. 


Sending out a newsletter filled with grammatical, syntactical, and spelling errors will harm your daycare business and make you seem unprofessional. 

Instead, run your newsletter through a free proofreading tool (like Grammarly). Investing in a professional writing tool is not really necessary for your purpose. But, do make sure to proofread your content and run it through a spell-checker tool before you hit “send.” 

Schedule/Plan The Newsletter For The Next Month 

Once you have emailed your newsletter, start scheduling and planning for the upcoming month. Take notes of what you want to include and mark the publishing date on your calendar. Add a reminder a few days prior to your due day to start working at an easy pace instead of rushing to put everything together the night before. 

Newsletter Content Ideas 

If you are frantically researching newsletter examples for childcare centers, here is a list of things you can potentially include:

1. Calendar of Upcoming Events

There is always something fantastic coming up in a daycare center! It might be a special activity planned for your little ones, a guest music teacher performing, a birthday party at the site, or an exciting field trip. 

Including a calendar of upcoming events is not only a great idea, but it is actually the purpose of a newsletter itself, right? To keep parents in the loop of what is to come. 

2. Learning Objectives

Even though your students are still very young, giving children a strong head start will set them on the right path towards success. Sharing your learning objectives with parents will help them see your daycare center as something more than just a baby parking. It is a place where their toddlers learn, play, interact, socialize, and achieve those developmental milestones that will help them in kindergarten and elementary school. 

Mapping out your curriculum, your learning objectives, and the activities planned for each objective will show how serious you are about your work and how professional your daycare center is. 

3. Reminders 

Remember that your newsletters can act as reminders, as well. For example, you can always include dates of holiday closures or remind parents of deadlines for signing up their children for activities, paying for school pictures, etc. 

4. Food Menu

If your food menu is on rotation and changes every month, then you can assign part of your newsletter to inform parents of the new food items. In addition, if the newsletter is in their email folder, they can easily revert to it every night to check what their toddler will be having the next day instead of scrambling around the house and trying to find that paper copy you sent home a few days before. 

5. Helpful Links

A newsletter can include helpful links for making payments, social media, relevant websites, etc. 

6. Tips 

If you want to kick it up a notch and make your newsletter stand out, you can include a section where you give parents tips or advice on several topics relating to their children each month. These tips could include age appropriate books, healthy recipes, DIY crafts at home, and Sunday Funday suggestions. 

Moreover, if you can, reach out to child psychologists, child nutritionists, and pediatricians to ask them if they would like to contribute to your newsletter as guest authors. 

Ready To Reach Out To Your Parents?

Crafting a childcare center newsletter can be a difficult task, but it is a task that you have to undertake if you want to reach out to your parents and form a bridge between the school and the home. 

We know that you would much rather be tending to children, but there is also a business to attend to as a childcare center owner. So, take a deep breath, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and sit down in front of your computer screen. 

We bet that if you follow our guide, you will have your newsletter ready in no time!

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