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How to Streamline Parent Communication with Jackrabbit Care

As a busy child care owner, managing your facility can be overwhelming. From scheduling appointments to communicating with administration staff and parents, it can be tough to keep up with everything. Fortunately, Jackrabbit Care and our mobile app are here to help. 

Our mobile app is designed to help parents stay on top of their child’s care needs, all from their phone. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of features, the app is the ultimate tool for owners to communicate with parents and families. Here are just a few ways the Jackrabbit Care platform and our mobile app can help streamline parent communication.

Two-Way Communication

The Jackrabbit Care mobile app allows for two-way communication between parents and child care educators. This means that parents can easily message your child’s care center throughout the day, getting real-time updates on their activities and well-being. Likewise, child care center staff can use the app to broadcast updates, such as pictures or videos, and even open up a separate chat channel between families, so you can stay connected even when you’re not there in person.

Bill Pay & Automatic Payments

Communicating to parents on payments for your childcare center can sometimes be a hassle, but Jackrabbit Care makes it a breeze. Through the app, childcare owners can empower parents to effortlessly set up and manage their billing information, providing them with a user-friendly and streamlined experience. 

With Jackrabbit Care, childcare centers can automate tuition billing, create personalized billing profiles, and generate comprehensive financial reports. This ensures that their parents never miss payment deadlines, eliminating worries about late fees or missed payments. Improving this billing process not only eases the burden of financial transactions but also strengthens communication between childcare providers and parents, fostering a more transparent and efficient relationship.

3 Jackrabbit Care Features Parents Love

Self Check-In Kiosks 

Managing your childcare center schedule is now within your reach through Jackrabbit Care. Child care owners, managers, and admin staff can easily access and oversee a child’s schedule, making necessary changes and confirming care with utmost convenience. Our intuitive interface allows you to navigate through the app with just a few taps, ensuring seamless coordination.

Additionally, our self check-in kiosks provide timely reminders and alerts, guaranteeing that you never miss a scheduled pickup or drop-off. Parents and childcare providers can effortlessly monitor attendance by contacts and team members at specific sites using unique PIN codes, exclusively for scheduled drop-offs. With a simple click of a button, administrative staff can leverage our built-in features such as “Class Mode” and “Who’s here now” to generate comprehensive daily reports on attendance tracking, whether it’s through the kiosks or when a class has been relocated to another location.

Detailed Health & Wellness Tracking

As a childcare center owner or administrator, Jackrabbit Care offers a feature that integrates health and wellness tracking, designed to enhance parent communication. We understand the importance of providing a comprehensive solution for parents to stay informed about their child’s well-being. This feature proves particularly beneficial, especially for parents with children who have medical conditions, allergies, or developmental delays.

With our platform, you can effortlessly maintain comprehensive health records in one centralized location, simplifying monthly child record reviews, ensuring licensee compliance, and promptly notifying parents about any outstanding forms. By streamlining this entire process, we eliminate the hassle of managing paper copies and empower both parents and staff to easily upload or access crucial information whenever the need arises.

Family Record Management

Seamlessly manage a centralized database for family accounts associated with your business, which includes storing authorized pickups and emergency contact details for each child. Keeping all contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, names, and related accounts, in one convenient location. Contacts can also be designated as team members, and their relationship to the child’s record can be specified. This allows the child care center staff to stay updated on account management information with the “Who’s Missing Information” report, ensuring their team remains informed at all points during the day. Moreover, owners, administration, and staff can see comprehensive account information, including primary site assignment, billing profiles, transaction history, and invoice viewing all through the power of Jackrabbit Care.  

Jackrabbit Care and our mobile app is an essential tool for any child care center. With its many features, including two-way communication, bill pay, self check-in kiosks, health & wellness tracking, and family record management, Jackrabbit Care and our mobile app can help you streamline parent communication and manage their child’s care needs with ease. Be sure to check out some of our resources so you can always stay up to date on all things Jackrabbit Care.

Start your free trial today and see how it can make your child care center run more smoothly! Be sure to check out all the articles on our help center if you have any questions about getting started!

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