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Refund Back To Credit Card Features

In Jackrabbit, a refund is defined as when a customer is actually returned real monies, rather than an account credit. If you use one of our preferred providers (Safe Save or C&H Financial), you have the ability to process the refund directly to the customer’s credit card from within Jackrabbit!

Visit the Help Center for a full explanation of how refunds work in Jackrabbit. There are a few examples for you to check out to understand different ways to use the feature.

As an overview, there are a couple of things you want to know first:

  • There is a new column in the Transactions grid. Payments that haven’t already fully been refunded display an “R” icon.
  • Jackrabbit offers the ability to create a historical transaction record and if necessary adjust the customer’s balance.
  • Jackrabbit has the ability to refund or void a credit card directly through Jackrabbit if you are using Safe Save or C&H Financial.
  • Revenue reports have the option and display refunds to both deposit slip and quickbooks reports offer the option to display cash/credit cards only.
  • The dashboard graphs display adjusted revenue (revenue – refunds = adjusted rev).

Where can you see refunds?

There is a new column in the Transactions grid. Payments that have not already been refunded display an “R” icon. Note: You can do partial refunds and the “R” icon will remain in the column until the full amount has been refunded.

Who can see the refund option?

  • Users who already have the Post a Refund permission turned on will maintain this permission and also have two new permissions turned on, Void on Card and Refund on Card.
  • Users who didn’t have the Post a Refund permission turned on won’t have Post a RefundVoid on Card, or Refund on Card turned on. Each org will need to update the permissions on a user by user basis.

What is a refund dependent on?

The way the refund is completed is dependent on the following:

  • The type of payment used (cash, check, credit card, bank account).
  • Whether the payment is fully applied, partially applied, or not applied to a fee.
  • Whether the family still owes the involved fee(s) or no longer owes fee(s).

What if a payment hasn’t settled with your ePayments processor?

You can void a credit card payment that hasn’t been settled. If you’re in the family’s Transaction tab, find the payment you want to refund. If the payment hasn’t been settled with the merchant processor, you will be able to void the transaction here.

Can you refund through the store?

Sold store items are also refundable using the same method as other fee refunds. You’ll notice a few additional details in the Refund screen. Items have a secondary row with the Item # and the Item Name. You’ll also notice a field to change the Return Qty and a section that displays how many of the item were sold vs. returned.


Why is there no R icon for a payment?
If a payment has been fully refunded already, the R icon is no longer visible.

Why is the Refunds button still available if I’m supposed to use the R icon?
As we transition to the new way of handling refunds, this button will display the last 20 of the customer’s payments.

How do I know the ePayments void or refund ‘went through’ and ended up on the customer’s credit card
You can confirm the void or refund by logging into your Virtual Terminal. You should have been provided login information by your gateway provider. You can access your Virtual Terminal login page in Jackrabbit by pointing to Tools and clicking My Account.

I noticed when a Void is handled, there is a Send Void Receipt checkbox. Who gets this email receipt?
The email associated with the credit card involved will get the void receipt.

Can I refund a bank draft payment through Jackrabbit?
At this time, a bank draft refund must be handled in your Virtual Terminal and manually entered into Jackrabbit.

Why do I sometime see Approved and sometimes see SUCCESS in the Ecomm Details column?
These terms are used interchangeably by our preferred provider gateways and define approved credit card transactions.

Why don’t I always see the Are these fees still owed? pop up when refunding fees?
This pop-up only displays when all (100%) of the fees linked to the payment are being refunded.

Can I refund Store items using the refunds enhancement?
Yes, see the section on Store Items & Refunds.

Can I return items into inventory when refunding store items?
Yes, see the section on Store Items & Refunds for an example. Special Note about Voided Transactions: When a payment that is linked to items is voided and the fee is deleted, the items are automatically returned to inventory.

Can I void a payment that is linked to store items?
Yes, when voiding a payment that is linked to a store item or items, you have two options. You can void the payment and leave the fee on the customer’s account or void the payment and delete the fee as well. If you delete the fee, Jackrabbit assumes that the items should be returned to inventory and automatically returns them for you.

Do store reports include refund details?
Yes, the Sales DetailProfit, and Item Tax Reports include refund details.

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