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Jackrabbit’s web-based system liberates users from cumbersome PC-based software

Knowing that the future of school management software was in online solutions and not PC-based ones as they were using, Central Christian Academy made the moves to change systems. In addition to gaining all of the benefits of online solutions, the school gained smooth and integrated features that produced results that were much less time-consuming ad wrought with inaccuracies by implementing Jackrabbit Care.

“Jackrabbit Care has made managing our day-to-day tasks much easier. I don’t know how we managed with a PC-based system in the past. The system is easy to learn and use – and that is says a lot since I’m not very computer savvy.” Cristin Jensen, Central Christian Academy

INTUITIVE, EASY-TO-USE SYSTEM MAKES FOR IMMEDIATE STAFF PROFICIENCY | Central Christian Academy’s small group of users ramped up their new solution quickly. The questions they had were addressed early on by Jackrabbit’s support team and training videos helped when they needed tips in the midst of running first-time processes.

“It was easy for us to get comfortable with Jackrabbit. The support team was very helpful and having the training videos to use as refreshers as we actually got into doing real work made even the least confident among us comfortable.” Cristin Jensen, Central Christian Academy

COMPREHENSIVE ACCOUNTING FEATURES SIMPLIFY BILLING CYCLES | Jackrabbit’s single database foundation makes access to comprehensive student and billing data easy for the Central Christian Academy team. The accounting features make quick work of monthly billing cycles and the summary pages making cross-checking the details simple. And the online access makes looking up details, kicking of processes or running reports available  whether working in the office or from home.

“Jackrabbit Care’s web-based format is liberating. Whether I need to answer important questions for parents, double-check work done by other staff members or kick off billing, I can now do so from my home.” Cristin Jensen, Central Christian Academy

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 115 students, 15 teachers, Cristin Jensen, Program Director

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