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How to Celebrate Black History Month at Your Child Care Center

February is almost here, which means it’s time for the annual celebration of Black History Month. Black History Month takes place each year through the month of February. It’s an opportunity to celebrate triumphs, recognize achievements, and remember the roles and contributions of black Americans throughout U.S. History. It’s even been adopted by other countries to further recognize black communities across the globe! 

Needless to say, it’s an important month to observe at any childcare center that values diversity and inclusion but where do you start, and how do you go about celebrating? Let’s take a look at why celebrating Black History Month is a good idea for your students and move into some ideas for you!

The Importance of Black History Month for Children

Black History Month is crucial for little ones to understand the rich and diverse history of our nation. It helps them appreciate the contributions of all races and ethnicities to the society we live in today. Celebrating Black History Month in childcare centers is a fantastic opportunity to teach children about diversity, acceptance, and respect for others, all important traits regardless of age and race! It’s also a chance to inspire them with stories of people who overcame adversity and made significant contributions to the entire world. It’s not just about history though, it’s also about fostering an environment of inclusivity and understanding from a young age.

Educational Activity Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month

Now that we’ve touched on the importance and reasoning, let’s talk about some fun and exciting educational activities that you can use to celebrate Black History Month at your childcare center. 

Make-Your-Own Museum

If you want an idea that encourages your students to be more involved, consider sharing facts about important figures from African American history and have your students create art about their favorite! Once everyone is done, you can display their artwork in the classroom for all to see.

If the children in your care are a little older, have them perform short plays or skits about another important figure from African American history for each other or other classes. This can be a fun way to have your students be active in their learning.

Black History Month Story Time

Children love stories, and what better way to teach them about black history than through captivating tales? You can read books about famous African Americans like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman. These stories will inspire children and teach them about the struggles and triumphs of these significant figures and highlight key moments in black history.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of books or resources that check these boxes, like PBS’s list of Children’s Books to Celebrate Black History Month. Like many other childcare classrooms, you may already have a story or reading time built into your schedule, making this an easy way to help pack the month with themed activities.

Take a Field Trip to a Museum or Cultural Center

One of the best ways to celebrate Black History Month is to explore what’s going on in your very own community. Many museums and cultural centers offer exhibits, presentations and events to celebrate Black History Month that you and your students can attend. With a little preparation, this can make for an exciting and educational field trip. Do some research into the location as well as most will offer special accommodations for field trip groups, and may even include a tour guide to help your students get the most out of their visit.

Invite a Guest Speaker

If a field trip isn’t a viable option for your classroom or childcare center, then consider inviting in a guest speaker to help bring knowledge on Black History Month to your students! In a similar vein to our previous idea, museums and cultural centers are great places to reach out to when searching for the right speaker for your classroom.

Fun Activity Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month

Though educating and remembering are key aspects, there are plenty of activities that relate to Black History Month that may be a little more fun for students. Let’s explore a few. 

Music Appreciation

You can engage your children in music and dance activities featuring genres like jazz, blues, and hip-hop. This will help them appreciate the rich cultural heritage of black artists and see how their contributions have helped and continue to influence music worldwide.

Organize a Food Tasting

You could also organize a food-tasting event featuring African and African American cuisine or have parents sign up to bring various foods that celebrate the African American culture. This is a delicious way to introduce children to different cultures and broaden their taste buds! Be sure to verify if any students have allergies and make sure the food that you’re serving is in accordance with your state’s childcare laws.

Inspire Artwork

Break out the paints and crayons! Have your students create artwork inspired by influential African American artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat or Aaron Douglass. This will not only stimulate their creativity but also educate them about the contribution of black artists to the art world. 

Schedule a Movie Day

You can screen animated movies or documentaries that focus on black history or feature black characters. Movies like “The Princess and the Frog” or “Our Friend, Martin” can be both entertaining and educational for children. Plus, who doesn’t love a good movie day?

Celebrating Black History Month at your child care center is an amazing opportunity to educate and inspire children about the rich and diverse history of Black Americans. It’s about teaching them the importance of diversity, acceptance, and respect for all. And it’s about making learning fun and exciting through various educational and non-educational activities. So let’s celebrate Black History Month with enthusiasm and joy, creating an inclusive and understanding environment for our future generations!

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