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How you can help parents prepare for end of the year tax statements

The end of the year can be so exciting. With the holidays approaching, there is a lot to celebrate. And children love it – from parties to fun activities – excitement is just beaming from their faces!

While you love seeing the joy and happiness around your child care center, there’s the other side of you. You often feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done.

In addition to your never-ending list of to-dos, parents will start asking you for end of the year tax statements to show what they paid to your program over the last year.

3 ways to help parents with end of the year tax statements?

Being able to easily provide parents with end of the year tax statements will make their life (and yours) much easier. And that’s the goal, right?!

That’s why we’ve put together 3 ways you can help parents with their end-of-the year tax needs. Let’s be real: happy parents = happy directors!

1. Share your Tax ID number or EIN with parents

In order for parents to provide sufficient documentation for claiming child care on their taxes, they need your business Tax ID number or EIN.

Jackrabbit Care helps you communicate this information automatically on your receipts and statements. Without extra effort, you are eliminating a lot of manual work and communication for you and your office staff.

end of the year tax statement

Rather than waiting until the questions starting flooding in at the end of December and the beginning of January, you can be ahead of the game with no extra stress!

2. Send statements each year as part of your process

It’s a given. Parents are going to ask you for an end-of-the-year tax statement. Why not make it part of your child care center’s process to do this annually?

In order to capture all of the previous year’s payments, make it part of your process to send out the annual statements at the start of the new year. Whether your facility takes a break for the holidays or provides care straight through, start the new year by giving the parents what they need so they don’t even have to ask.

They will appreciate that you are proactive in providing them what they need. With class management software like Jackrabbit Care, sending out statements to all of your families can be done in batch with a few clicks.

3. Keep information easily accessible to parents

Making things easy for parents in turn makes things easier for you! You want parents to be able to get the information they need when they need it.

With Jackrabbit Care, families can use the mobile-friendly Parent Portal to access the payment information they need to supplement their taxes. From finding to transactions to printing them, parents literally have the details they need at their fingertips.

Less questions and phone calls to your front desk allows your staff to focus on other needs from parents and students as they come and go from your center.

Why should you invest in management software?

Being able to automate so many things is important in order for you to make yourself available to your families, and most importantly, your students.

Put your best foot forward and make your child care center the best place to be by streamlining how you disperse information to families using our tips above. Recuperating time and energy will give you the chance to prepare for your center’s year end taxes so you can sail smoothly in to 2020 also!

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