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Mike Arndt, Christ Church Children’s Center

“The cloud was a big selling point for the church administration. It gave them tremendous confidence in the integrity and dependability of the system and our data and in our ability to access information – or even fire off processes – when out of the office. I have more confidence in the quality of our operations and our ability to improve our services.”

Angie Dutch, APEC Learning Center

“The pace of our growth never could have continued without Jackrabbit Care and it would have been overwhelming to manage. Automating processes – such as APEC’s enrollment – have been fantastic in freeing up staff for more meaningful tasks.”

Barbara Bone, Child Educational Center

“Jackrabbit handles the details of all of our complexities without the need for me to get manually involved. I’m not what I’d define as computer savvy – more like computer aware – but it didn’t take me long to establish a good level of proficiency with the system.”

Kathy Schaeffer, Kathy’s Child Care

“Using Jackrabbit Care has made managing my child care much more enjoyable. I find myself with more time to spend in the activities that drew me to open this facility. I spend less time in the administrative cycles of my business but I know more about it than I ever have before.”

Customer Success Stories

Angie Dutch, APEC Learning Center

“Jackrabbit Care is the reason that we can be paperless. We save time, money and space. Parents love the online options and we’re kinder to the environment. Jackrabbit Care’s reports also make it easy for me to quickly pull reports that are required to maintain some of our location’s childcare subsidies.”

Mike Arndt, Christ Church Children’s Center

“These processes were very time consuming without Jackrabbit because I had to add and subtract each one or manually apply them. I wouldn’t believe the time savings if I hadn’t experienced it for myself.”

Barbara Bone, Child Educational Center

“I’m not what I’d define as computer savvy – more like computer aware – but it didn’t take me long to establish a good level of proficiency with the system.”

Kathy Schaeffer, Kathy’s Child Care

“I can actually get away from my desk and have meaningful interaction with students, teachers and parents. The feeling of renewed freedom in my own facility is amazing. Improving what we do is definitely data driven. When I know more about my business, I see awesome changes in the way we are able to serve our families. And helping parents to be more knowledgeable about their child’s care gives them more confidence in what we do on a daily basis for them and their child.”

How Jackrabbit Can Benefit Your Preschool

Running a successful preschool takes dedication, passion, and skill. Not only do you need to be prepared to interact with your staff members, your students, and their families, you also have to stay organized. That means staying on top of enrollment, student records, billing and payments, and a whole host of other paperwork. Fortunately, the team at Jackrabbit is ready and willing to help you. With Jackrabbit’s state-of-the-art and user-friendly classroom management software systems, you can take your preschool to the next level.

Jackrabbit Can Facilitate Improved Parent Interactions

The online parent portal feature gives parents an efficient way to contact you to set up meetings or communicate with you. They can also use this method to register or make payments anytime of day or night with the convenience of their electronic devices. If any student information needs to be updated, they can use the parent portal to take care of that too. It’s a great time-saver for parents and preschool administrators alike.

Jackrabbit Can Help You Manage Billing and Payments More Effectively

You don’t have to worry about accidentally losing track of billing due dates for different preschool families any longer with Jackrabbit. Our system will put all of that information at your fingertips. You can use it to accept different forms of payment, increasing parents’ payment options. With our online bill paying feature, you’ll make it easier for parents to get you their payments, which may help you see a reduction in the number of parents making late payments. Jackrabbit also has a feature for split family billing for children from split families.

Jackrabbit Can Help You Keep Track of Attendance More Easily

You can quickly and accurately record both employee work hours and student attendance with Jackrabbit’s convenient online check-in/out feature. By using a PIN you’ll have a clear record of the time a student or staff member arrives and leaves each day. Instead of using a pen and paper to record this information and then have to manually enter it into a computer later, this option saves you from having to record the same information twice.

Jackrabbit Can Keep Track of All Sorts of Helpful Information

Whether it’s student addresses, bus or transportation lists, current enrollment, waiting lists, immunization records, emergency contacts, photographs of students, or birthdays, Jackrabbit has a way to record all of this information and more. Not only will you be able to access these relevant details from your electronic device, but you can also make any notations, adjustments, or deletions to any of the above whenever it’s necessary. There’s also a multi-site management option for preschools with more than one campus.

Being in charge of a preschool is a huge responsibility. Keeping up with all the paperwork involved in the daily, weekly, and ongoing operations can be a real headache. Rather than feel stressed, you can turn to Jackrabbit. We have effective tools to meet the needs of preschools that are large, small, or any size in-between. With Jackrabbit’s affordable and efficient classroom management software system, you can run your preschool with confidence.

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