Church Childcare Software

Church Childcare Software

Turn to Jackrabbit Care for church childcare programs. It delivers online management of enrollment, attendance, scheduling, accounting and communications for church childcare program like yours.

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Top 5 features of Jackrabbit Care

Portal for Parents

Families login and see their accounts. It’s fast and easy for parents to update information, review statements and pay. Parents save time and so do you.

Zero Setup Fee

No contract with Jackrabbit. Cancel without penalty. The fee each month covers unlimited support, enhancements to features and fixes. Find out more about pricing here.

Billing and Accounting

You can manage multiple forms of payment and stay organized. Easy-to-use account features let you understand payment status in an instant. Electronic payments save time.

Attendance Time Clock

The Check In/Out Time Clock reduces time spent on manual data entry and tracking of children. Parents and staff use PINs to record arrivals and departures, saving time and money each day. Start saving time now

Payment Processing

Operate more efficiently by processing payments through Jackrabbit Care in batches. Simplify management

Management Software for Church Childcare Programs

Jackrabbit Care software makes managing your church childcare center speedy, simple and hassle free. Childcare is a key part of your church’s ministry, and Jackrabbit Care was built to streamline operations for childcare management. With Jackrabbit Care, you easily manage tuition rates for church members and non-members. Plus, you can manage Vacation Bible School registration and online Lunch Bunch signup.

Jackrabbit Care for church childcare centers is built for speed—all so you can get back to doing what you love and spend less time on administrative work. Everything is in one place, keeping your church childcare program organized. Jackrabbit Care is easy to master and use. Time spent on operational tasks is reduced and accuracy climbs. You can customize Jackrabbit Care to fit your church’s needs. People like you all around the world rely on Jackrabbit for their business needs. Here’s why:

  • Lower costs: You save on the cost of printing, which can be very expensive. Plus, eliminating paper streamlines program operations and helps the environment. That’s because your staff can stop having to re-enter information into the system.
  • Work from anywhere: Jackrabbit Care is cloud-based. That means it can go anywhere you go. You can stop running back to the office to see if someone has paid. Just check on your phone, tablet or computer. Seeing bible school registrations come through online registration is awesome! Jackrabbit is there for you at anytime and anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Save time: Using church childcare management software will improve the way your church childcare center operates. Tasks that took hours will take seconds with Jackrabbit Care automated features. Reporting lets you gather your data and export it into an easy-to-read file with the click of a button. The hassle of spreadsheets can become a thing of the past for your church program.

Simplify church childcare administration

Simplify after school administration with quick access to family and student records. Explore features for church childcare programs below:

  • Contact and Student Information Tracking
  • Debit/Credit Card & ACH Payment Processing
  • Custom Student Discounts
  • Parent Portal
  • Texting
  • Check In/Out
  • Agency & Split Family Billing
  • Multiple Users— Login Anytime, Anywhere
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Online Registration
  • Immunization Tracking & Alerts
  • Multi-Site Management
  • Bus Run/Transportation Lists
  • Emergency Contacts & Authorized Pickup Information
  • Enrollment Tracking: Enrolled, Waiting List, etc.
  • Import Photos of Children
  • Sign In/Out Sheets
  • Address Labels
  • Birthday Lists