Reporting for Childcare Centers

Executive Dashboard

Past due accounts review – Address issues more quickly by running reports on under 30, 30–60, 60–90 and 90-plus day overdue accounts.

Key business metrics – Visualize cancellations, enrollment, profitability, past due accounts and revenue.

Set instant alerts – Track waitlists, absences, immunizations and birthdays in the next 10 days.

Team announcements – Post notices to staff using different fonts and colors.

Task lists – Create custom to-do lists of tasks, and track completed items.

Financial Reporting

Aged fees – View past due accounts along with subtotals for families.

Revenue summary chart – Explore and visualize revenue from current enrollment.

QuickBooks accounting – Link to your accounting software and track revenue by day, category and payment type.

Paid fees – View paid accounts and paid taxes by any date range.

Advanced transaction search – Select criteria for revenue reconciliation, or search for specific transactions and payments.

Deposit report – List deposits organized by payment method in any date range.

Payment-type summary – Review payment totals arranged by payment method.

Family and Student Reporting

Daily schedule – See all the students scheduled to attend today, and when.

Family & Student Reporting – Child attendance: see when students were clocked in and out, and by who.

Advanced family search – Use criteria that you select to search for families.

Student tuition report – See how much you charge for each child and who is responsible for payment.

Family ePayment listing – List families that use ePayments billing. You can search for missing or expired payment cards.

Student detail – Display and review parent contacts, emergency contacts, special needs information and more.

Address listings – Find family home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Mailing labels – Print Avery 5160 mailing labels for easy mailing to families.

Source report – Track how families hear about your business so you can learn which marketing tools work.