Partner Features

Jackrabbit Care Partner Features

Accept Electronic Payments

It’s easy to take advantage of Jackrabbit Care as billing software for your childcare center. Jackrabbit Care partners with the payment experts at SafeSave Payments to deliver secure transaction processing for card and e-check (ACH) payments. It’s integrated and PCI-compliant processing for one-time or batch payments. The SafeSave Payments Gateway processed more than $5 billion in credit card and ACH payments last year. C&H Financial, another ePayment partner, provides a similar set of features, giving you a processor choice.

Jackrabbit and our ePayment partners provide everything you need for secure payment processing. With payment processing, gateway and merchant account fees apply. Because electronic payments in Jackrabbit Care are available during the 30-day free trial, you can see if you like electronic payments as much as you like online childcare center management.

Our Payment Partners: C&H Financial and Safesave Payments

QuickBooks Desktop

Do you use QuickBooks to help manage accounting for your childcare center? Jackrabbit Care works with QuickBooks. You can upload daily revenue totals to QuickBooks with Jackrabbit Care easily. It’s simple to set up QuickBooks and Jackrabbit to work together. After setup, information flows from Jackrabbit Care to QuickBooks, saving you time.

QuickBooks Online

Use the QuickBooks Online interface in Jackrabbit Care to send revenue totals to your online accounting software quickly and easily. Daily totals import into the QuickBooks Online accounts and sub-accounts that you define. Automate or input journal entries into QuickBooks Online reports.


Use text to send messages through Jackrabbit Care. Connect with parents and staff using many people’s preferred form of communication. From center closures to other notices, texting with Jackrabbit Care delivers messages to contacts’ phones instantly.

Text using Jackrabbit Care from the families or staff tabs. You can save text templates for emergency alerts and easy future reuse. Thanks to our flexible partner program, you choose between two text messaging services. Costs are as low as $0.0075 per sent message.