Immunizations Tracking

Immunization Management

Immunization Tracking

Simplify immunization management and maintain a comprehensive database of each child’s vaccination information along with any other special health requirements.

Immunization tracking in Jackrabbit Care childcare software takes much of the administrative hassle out of keeping records updated. You know which children have been vaccinated against what illnesses. Track each student’s immunization and medical requirements by date and color code to quickly see whether vaccination requirements are complete, due or have a vaccine due within 30 days. Immunization time tables for each child are stored on the student’s medical tab within Jackrabbit Care.

Immunization Reports and Alerts

You need to know whether children are meeting your state’s vaccination requirements. Never miss a due date by being able to run reports quickly. Dashboard alerts show you if any students are overdue for vaccines or will be due in the next 30 days. Quickly email families who need to update their records. You can create reports for past due, currently due and completed immunizations.