Class Management

Online Childcare Center Management

Support Multiple Childcare Center Locations

You can use Jackrabbit Care childcare software at multiple locations and facilities. Staff at any location can log in and access Jackrabbit Care. Coordinate operations across locations more easily as you review information by location for your whole business. Jackrabbit Care also removes barriers between locations, improving communication.

It’s as easy to use all Jackrabbit Care features, such as online registration and payments, at all your locations. There’s no big upfront investment. Use your current desktop and mobile devices. Plus, there’s no daycare software to install. As your business grows, Jackrabbit Care supports you and grows with you.

Prospect Management

Jackrabbit Care childcare management software lets you use an Unlimited Lead File to maintain prospect information. You can manage an unlimited number of prospects, parents, children and contacts. The number of leads doesn’t impact subscription fees. In a Lead File, you store prospective customers’ basic contact information. You can use the file for marketing by emailing contacts in the file as a group about events or promotions. Prospect management with the Unlimited Lead File is included in your preschool software monthly subscription fee.

Email Communications

Jackrabbit Care makes it easy to use email to reach parents, students, prospects and staff members. The ease of email saves time and money as you improve your business with better communication. Turn to email to communicate everything from your marketing message to closure information and holiday hours.

Why email? It’s fast. Parents can receive and read emails at home or on the go. Emails are also the perfect way to find staff member substitutes, even at the last minute. It’s inexpensive, with costs virtually nothing compared to postage. With Jackrabbit Care, email is simple. Emails come from our online servers and include your email address as the reply option. Any undelivered or “bounced” emails go to your reply address. Create and save email templates to send emails about common topics faster. Email groups or families individually. It’s easy to export email lists from Jackrabbit Care child care management software to Excel.