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Online Payment Processing for Childcare

Your childcare center can accept electronic payments with Jackrabbit Care online childcare management software. We partner with two ePayment solutions, SafeSave Payments and C&H Financial Services. With either, you can take payments individually or process all your customers’ payments at the same time.

Ask about options with no monthly fee

Turn to SafeSave Payments or C&H Financial Services for Electronic Payments

Get to know SafeSave Payments and C&H Financial Services, Inc. They are the ePayment providers available through Jackrabbit Care online childcare management software. When you work with one of them, you can take ePayments using the Jackrabbit Customer Portal easily and securely. These options work for both credit cards and draft accounts.

With our Care billing software for your childcare center, you can take electronic payments in these countries:

C&H Financial Services, Inc.

  • Supports accounts based in the US
  • Provides secure and PCI-compliant processing
  • Reduces costs with eCheck option available
  • Comes with great support and service
  • Can save as much as 50% on processor gateway fees
  • Offers zero monthly fee plans

Contact C&H Financial Services to learn more.

Visit the C&H Financial website at: http://chfs.us/
Or you can call Michael A. Psaromatis at (855) 602-2437 x1
Click here to contact C&H

Credit Card Transactions

eCheck (ACH) Transactions

PCI Compliant
Transaction Processing

SafeSave Payments

You can explore a flat-rate account with no monthly fee by contacting SafeSave at 800-220-8611. Just say you want information about SafeSave Payment Services Accounts. These accounts are:

  • Secure and PCI-compliant
  • Offered with a money-saving eCheck option
  • Supported by helpful service agents
  • Traditional or flat-rate with no monthly fee plans available
  • Available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Contact SafeSave for more information:

Shane McMullen
Email: smcmullen@safesavepayments.com or jackrabbit@safesavepayments.com
Toll-free 800-220-8611

SafeSave can provide a free, zero obligation proposal for Jackrabbit Care users. Call or take advantage of the online Jackrabbit enrollment process.

Important note: Jackrabbit does not charge you fees to process payments. There are (non-Jackrabbit) e-commerce related fees to pay in order to connect a payment processor to your Jackrabbit system. Internet Gateway & Merchant Account Provider fees. You will need to pay the fees directly to either SafeSave Payments or C&H Financial Services, Inc.

  • Speak to a Jackrabbit ePayments Specialist
  • Request a live ePayments Demo
  • Register for ePayments 101 Webinar
  • Learn more about ePayemnts in our Help Center
  • Watch a video on using the ePayments Functions
  • C&H Financial Services and SafeSave ePayments will guide you through the setup and processing of credit card and bank draft transactions.
  • ePayments feature available even during Free Trials