Jackrabbit Care: FAQs

Jackrabbit Care is web-based and you access it through a Mac or PC computer. There’s no software installed on your computer. You just need high-speed Internet and a User ID and Password to start using our online childcare management software.
It’s fast, and we will help you. We offer a Setup Guide, Help Center and videos that can assist you with system setup. You’ll work with a Jumpstart Coach who will help with the initial steps in the getting started process.

Our Imports team can help you bring data into Jackrabbit Care childcare software from other systems. We also have a Web Integration team that can help you integrate Jackrabbit with your existing website. We estimate that you can be fully operational with Jackrabbit Care in about 14 business days.

You do not need to have a website to access Jackrabbit’s class management and accounting features.

Interested in Online Registration or the Parent Portal? These can both be used with or without a website, but keep in mind some of the snazzier features of Online Registration do require a website. Another option is to integrate web registration with your Facebook fan page. Visit our help site for more information on Online Registration.

Select the link below and complete the Buy Now form. After your order is processed, you receive a confirmation email. You can also access the Buy Now form from the Tools menu during the free trial period.
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We calculate your fees based on the number of active and inactive children in your database. We bill monthly. Each month, we total the number of children in your system. You are charged for the total on the first business day of the month.

Prospects in your system are free because we do not charge based on the number of leads. Simply use the Unlimited Lead File to keep basic contact information for families without impacting your fee for Jackrabbit Care.

Review Pricing Information here.

We’re here to help. During your first 60 days, we connect you with a Jumpstart Coach who will help you get started. We have the most proactive Support team in the industry. Jackrabbit also comes with a comprehensive Help Center that includes a wealth of instructional information and tutorial videos.

Select the Support button in Jackrabbit to contact us. We’re available Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm (Eastern Standard Time). Queries received after 8pm are answered the next business day.

You can also get in-person support.

Please visit our Support/Education page.

Yes. You can cancel at any time. There are no cancellation fees. In the first 90 days, Jackrabbit delivers the industry’s only money-back guarantee. We can provide a data export when you cancel.