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Stay Organized

Keep up with your whole business. Check overdue payments, track registration, review financial numbers, manage staff, accept payments and more. You’ll have more time to care for students and live your life.

Executive Dashboard – Generate reports and manage business information
Financial Management – Link to QuickBooks, review account status and more
Family Data – Gather immunization data and other information online

Get Automated

Jackrabbit Care software lets you automate many tasks, freeing you from late nights spent on administration. By helping you devote less energy to dull business basics, Jackrabbit frees time you can spend with children and your family.

Track Check In/Outs – Easily monitor attendance through an online portal
Email Communications – Manage contacts with parents quickly and easily
Immunizations – Bring automation to the way you track health information

Connect More Easily

Use email or text to communicate with parents and staff. Email templates save you time as you keep parents and staff up to date about open houses, birthdays and events. Use the staff portal for communicating reminders and news.

Texts – Get messages to parents and staff quickly
Payment Notices – Alert parents about past due accounts and other alerts
Schedule Alerts – Notify parents about schedule changes for holidays and more

Increase Profits

You made your dream of running a business come true. Plus, you’re providing great care to kids. Jackrabbit can make your dream more profitable by improving the way you register children, collect fees and manage your business.

Online Registration – Parents register their kids online from any device
Collect Payment – Accept credit cards online and track payment status
Email Statements – Charge families quickly and stop waiting for checks

Security safeguards your data

Jackrabbit Care protects data using redundant, denial-of-service firewalls. With 24/7 administrative controls, we stop unauthorized access. Highly secure 1024-bit encryption authenticates users. To support your business, we guarantee 99.9% uptime for Jackrabbit. You can run your business anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Flexibility to expand your business

Ideal software for childcare centers, Jackrabbit Care also supports all types of classes and care, including tutoring,
art, fitness, and so much more.

How Jackrabbit Class Management Software Can Help You Manage Your Child Care Center Staff

Perhaps when you opened your child care center, your customers were fewer and your staff smaller than it is today. As great as your staff is at caring for the children in their care, staff management has become burdensome. You are not alone! And there is hope! You may not realize it, but many of the day-to-day tasks connected to managing your child care center staff can actually be automated. Quality class management software is just what you need to simplify your staff management needs. With the online aspect of Jackrabbit software, you and your staff will be able to log in anytime and from anyplace, allowing you the kind of flexibility you need.

Accessibility of Information for Staff Members

One of the many ways your staff will appreciate your switch to Jackrabbit is the accessibility of information to appropriate staff members — without them having to contact you each time they need something. From registrations and schedules to important announcements, your staff will be able to access any information they need from their Staff Portal. As management, you set the parameters for what information each staff member can access. Staff members will be able to easily access child and family information and communicate with parents as necessary. What’s more, you’ll be able to access the communication history relating to each child, ensuring above-board levels of transparency and accountability.

Communication Among Staff Members

Access to key information is far from the only way Jackrabbit class management software will help you manage your staff. Communication between staff and management will involve greater simplicity, professionalism, and organization. Staff members will be able to view any important alerts or messages immediately upon logging into the Staff Portal — something they’ll need to do in order to log their hours. You’ll have the flexibility of sending messages to individual members of your child care staff or certain groups of staff members. And like communications between staff members and parents, you’ll be able to easily track communications, leaving no question about who communicated what, along with when they communicated and with whom.

Creating Schedules with Staff Members

Once you have Jackrabbit in place, scheduling will become extremely simplified! Not only can staff members submit schedule-related requests and mark availability, but you’ll be able to view all such information at once — unlike the myriad sticky notes and text messages you once had to compile when the time for creating a schedule rolled around.

Time Cards and Payroll for Staff Members

Gone are the days when manually processing time cards is on your to-do list! Jackrabbit’s time clock tool, combined with its Quickbooks integration, allows paying your child care center staff to be fully automated. No more risk of errors in time tracking or trying to squeeze in data entry of time card information into your already busy weekend.

If you’re starting to see how Jackrabbit online class management software can simplify your staff management, why not call to talk with a Jackrabbit Product Coach, today? The next step will be to set up your free 30-day, no-obligation trial!

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