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Update Skills On Demand with the New Class Skills Worksheet

Keeping your parents engaged in what’s going on in your classrooms is a challenge in and of itself. Updating them on a regular basis with completed milestones can be difficult without a tool in place. Enter: Jackrabbit Care’s Class Skills Worksheet.

If you track skills/milestones within Jackrabbit, the Class Skills Worksheet can be a valuable resource no matter where your lessons are. Using the new worksheet is easy and formatted in a way that best meets your needs when it comes to skills. No need to spend time creating your own worksheet any longer!

How can the Class Skills Worksheet help you?

The new Class Skills Worksheet was created with you in mind! But why do we recommend it? The worksheet:

  • is easy to create when you need them.
  • is easy to configure. You can sort by Teacher or Class Start Time and you can choose to print in Landscape or Portrait orientation.
  • allows classroom teachers to quickly view and check off the skill progression for the students in a class.
  • can include students that are making up a class.
Updated Skills worksheet screenshot from Jackrabbit Care software

Where can you find the worksheet?

The Class Skills Worksheet can be found by hovering your mouse over Classes in the blue menu bar and selecting Class Skills/Levels Report. After selecting your criteria to determine which classes and students will display, the Display Settings is where you select the Skills Worksheet option, choose the Class Date, determine how to sort, and the print orientation.

Screenshot of instructions to find display settings in Jackrabbit Care software

In order for parents to see updates to their student’s skills and milestones in the Parent Portal and or receive emails on skill updates, a Jackrabbit user will need to update the skills on their Jackrabbit desktop version.

With the help of this worksheet, we hope you are able to save time preparing for the day’s classes!

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