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Tips to Track Attendance at Your Childcare Center

Tracking current attendance and ratios is no doubt one of the most important priorities a childcare director or owner faces each day. Staying ahead of where the teacher to student balance currently sits and trying to make decisions about the next few hours, days, or let’s be honest -minutes – of ratios can take up most of your time throughout the day. In order to serve your students, staff and families effectively, it’s important that you’ve got a system on your side to help you manage the ins and outs of attendance reporting.

At any given time, a director needs to be able to account for who is in each classroom while also considering effective use of ratios and staff.

The importance of childcare attendance reports

Attendance reports are vital when it comes to tracking who has come and gone from your childcare center, including staff as well. It could be for a particular day or over a specific period of time.

For student attendance records, you’ll need to be able to track which guardian or contact is clocking the student in and out so that you can ensure only pre-authorized individuals are picking up each child is important to the