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The Frustrations of Staffing Your Child Care Center

How frustrating do you find it trying to match up your available staff members to the specific class needs that you have? There are so many factors to be considered when creating your staff schedules. The all-important counting of children which determines how your schedule will look must take place at the most appropriate times of the day so that you can put the best teachers in the places at the times that they are needed.

In scheduling, you must also consider staff qualifications and diversity as well as the need for schedule overlaps, split shifts, 10-hour shifts and supervisor-to-teacher and student-to-teacher ratios. Now throw your state’s regulatory compliance requirements in there. Wow! It’s a wonder your head doesn’t explode every time you have to do this.

Child Care Exchange has a resource that may help. Lori Harris has written an excellent article in which she draws from her experience in building her own child care center schedules to share some valuable tips. Review her advice on counting children and her 13 points that should be considered when actually building your staff schedule.

Lori Harris also provides an Appendix section that provides printable scheduling forms and examples of scheduling patterns that may help you find a balance which works best for your childcare center.

Download the PDF: Staffing at the Child Care Center.

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