Effortless Reimbursement for Parents – Tax ID on Receipts & Statements

Is it common for your families to ask for a tax statement with your childcare facility’s Tax ID or EIN (Employer Identification Number)? Often times parents can get reimbursed for childcare expenses through their FLEX account or claim expenses as a deduction on their tax return. That’s why we’ve made this process better for both you and your families.

Database Settings for Tax ID or EIN

You will notice new tax ID fields in the Edit Settings section of the Tools menu under Organization Defaults.

jackrabbitcare - tax ID

Jackrabbit Care gives you the ability to customize the name of the number using the Tax ID Label. The Tax ID Label is limited to 20 characters and must be entered prior to adding the number. Don’t forget to Save Changes at the top upon completing this step.

To make this feature most beneficial to you and your families, we recommend including itemized fees on your receipts. It is important to make sure payments and fees are linked consistently.

The best news is: once you add the label and the number, you don’t need to turn anything ‘on’. Jackrabbit Care will automatically include this on all statements, receipts, and printed transactions from the Parent Portal.

How will this benefit your families?

Each receipt sent to your families will display the Tax ID or EIN. These receipts are emailed to families and a copy is kept in the Parent Portal for up to 180 days. They have access to the information at their fingertips – literally.

jackrabbitcare - Tax ID receipt

If families need to find specific transactions based on date or type, they can filter transactions in the Parent Portal to print only what they need for their tax purposes. The printed view from the Parent Portal will also include the Tax ID or EIN automatically.

jackrabbitcare - Tax ID transaction

Additionally, you can send statements to all of your families after year-end to help with tax deductions. The Tax ID or EIN will appear underneath your organization’s address.

jackrabbitcare - Tax ID statement

Something so simple is a great time saver for you and your staff. It is also a win-win for your families! Interested in learning more about how Jackrabbit Care can help you run your business?

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