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How to Talk to Kids About COVID-19

With the words Coronavirus and COVID-19 everywhere right now, it’s likely that your kids have heard and are wondering what’s going on. This is an unprecedented time for almost all of us and we’re all a little uncertain about what lies ahead.

Obviously, it’s strange for kids that they ‘can’t’ go anywhere – or at least their movement is limited. After all, we’re all accustomed to making our own decisions about when and where we want to go.

If they haven’t already asked you, your kids are probably wondering what this Coronavirus (COVID-19) is.

So the question is: How do we talk to kids about our present health crisis when you may be uneasy and frightened about it yourself?

2 definitions necessary to know before you know before talking to kids about COVID-19?

Is it Coronavirus or COVID-19?

Coronavirus is a generic name or category of a type of virus. There are many different Coronaviruses out there. So before our present virus had a formal name, it was called by the more general name, Coronavirus. When it was officially named, it became COVID (which is an acronym) and added 19 to the name since the first cases were found in 2019.

What is social distancing?

People are talking a lot about social distancing. This means staying away from others – even if you seem healthy and they seem healthy – to prevent the spread of COVID-19.