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Child Care Center Email Marketing with Jackrabbit Care

Here is an easy way to reach out to families in their anniversary month to let them know you appreciate them as a customer! You can send milestone emails commemorating their 1 year mark, 2 year mark, etc by filtering your emails based on the Family Registration Date.

Find Families with anniversary milestones using an Advanced Search (optional step as the Email Families provides a preview as well.)

  • From Families >Advanced Search
    • Status = Active
    • Registration Date = the 1st of this month through the last day of the month for the year you are looking for.
    • Do this once for each milestone just changing the year: 2015 for the 1 year candidates, 2014 for the 2 year candidates….as far as you want to go!
Jackrabbit Care software screenshot of Orgs Advanced Search

Once you have counts of how many Families should get each milestone email you are ready to Email Families.

  • From Families > Email/Text Families:
    • Type your email – consider adding an Email Template as a timesaver!
    • Registration Date – example: 5/1/2010 – 5/31/2010 would find all Families who registered 6 years ago. They are a 6 year milestone Family.
    • Preview your List
    • Send

Then, repeat this for the next milestone year (example: 5/1/2011 – 5/31/2011 would find and email all Families who registered 5 years ago. They are a 5 year milestone Family.)

Here is a sample Email you might want to send. Remember, Email Templates are a huge time saver. Just update the xx to the correct year for each email you send!

“Hi! It’s been xx great years! Thanks for being a valued member of our school.

We have loved serving you and your family and look forward to many more years to come!”

This is one of our favorite Jackrabbit time savers because it helps you keep in touch with and celebrate milestones with your customers!

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