/Cold And Flu Season Communication At Your Childcare Center

Cold And Flu Season Communication At Your Childcare Center

One of the biggest challenges a childcare owner or director faces is managing and preventing the spread of illness inside your classrooms. While you can encourage hand-washing, vaccines, and abide by state regulations, sickness coming through your doors is inevitable. From the common cold to the flu, you want to do what you can to keep the germs from spreading. Lucky for you, you have Jackrabbit, an efficient class management software, to help you communicate these important messages to your parents.

When there is a contagious illness floating through your facility, we know you need to get the word out to your families as quickly as possible. Technology is in your favor with Jackrabbit Care, allowing you to cover many avenues easily to distribute the message. No need for paper signs on the front door and or classroom doors in your center.

With students throughout your facility and possibly sharing some of the same supplies, equipment, rooms, etc., it is best to get the message out to everyone who might have been affected. Being proactive in letting families know what kind of sickness is going around might be enough to keep it from spreading, affecting additional students or even your staff.

Here is how Jackrabbit can help.

Instantaneously send an email to all families

Jackrabbit already hosts the contact information for all of your families, which makes sending an email from Jackrabbit super quick. For more information on how to send a mass email, check out our Help article on how to Email Families. In addition, you can create an Email Template for this scenario, making the process of communicating the information to your parents easier than ever. Read more about how you can Create Your Own Email Template.

Create a Parent Portal login message

This message will display as a pop-up prior to parents logging in to the Parent Portal. Yet, another way to make sure parents are seeing the important messages about recent illnesses. For more information on how to add a login message, see our Help article Set Up the Parent Portal.

Add a message to the News and Announcements section of the Parent Portal

When parents login, they will get a notice that an important message has been added. They can choose to view right away or go back to the message later. Encourage your parents to look for these messages. For more details, check out the Help Article on how to Send a Public Message to all Parent Portals.

Keeping families informed of contagious illnesses can help the students and your staff stay healthy. Healthy children makes for happy parents!

Ready to start streamlining communication in your childcare center? Schedule your next steps with Jackrabbit Care today!


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