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Clocking Students In Made Easy!

Clocking students in and out is essential to running your organization. Through the 4-digit PIN code, you are able to account for each student present, know who is authorized to pick up each student, and bill your families based on the time the students were in your facility.

But, did you know parents can scan barcodes instead of having to key in their PIN code?

Don’t rely on parents to remember their code – allow them to scan in instead! Parents are generally used to doing this at their gym and or grocery store. Why not make it easy for them at your facility as well?








So how do you implement this for your organization?

  1. Purchase a barcode scanner that can hook up to the computer or tablet in your facility for check-in
  2. Create the barcodes for the PINs associated with the accounts in your database
  3. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability
  4. Happy scanning!

Remember, as new students join your program, you will need to create the barcode for them. For more details on barcodes for PIN clock-in and out, check out our Help article on PIN Barcodes.

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