Small boy improves brain development while concentrating on puzzle shapes

Child’s First 2000 Days are Critical for Brain Development

We know that important bonding takes place very early in our lives. But bonding isn’t the only important connection taking place. A recent study supported that the time between birth and the first day of Kindergarten – the first 2,000 days of a child’s life – is packed with important help that defines her life and educational experience.

Charlotte Parent Magazine shared an interesting article authored by Elizabeth Poindexter that gives us some insight into this phenomenon. This is considered so critical that there are now foundations supporting more research and awareness of the First 2000 Days.

According to this timeframe is when a child’s brain is forming and creating either a strong or a weak base for future learning. The 100 billion nerve cells in a baby’s brain must learn how to connect and communicate so that the baby can think, learn and succeed.

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