Woman supervisor smiling while speaking with child care center staff

Child Care Staff: What Do Your Employees Expect from Supervisors?

If you’re an owner or manager of a child care center, your staff is highly likely to have some expectations about your performance.

They expect you to:

  • Know your job.
  • Treat them fairly and consistently.
  • Be courteous and respectful.
  • Let them know where they stand.
  • Be open and honest.
  • Make an effort to understand their individual problems.
  • Appreciate their contributions and recognize them.
  • Use discipline wisely.

These expectations are pretty simple and straight-forward. In fact, with the exception of the first on the list, they don’t even refer to the workplace but read more as common courtesies.

This makes it clear that first and foremost, it’s important to use the golden rule in the basic treatment of your staff. They just want to be treated like you’d prefer to be treated yourself.

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