Web-based options help YWCO improve parents’ experience

The YWCO (Young Women’s Christian Organization) needed a solution to make registration much less frustrating for clients and less time-consuming for staff than the organization’s present manual processes. By implementing Jackrabbit Care, YWCO immediately improved the experiences of both parents and staff.

“People have always loved the service we provide, but I knew we would need to invest in a system to keep us organized and speed our processes, or else we would start losing clients.” Jessie Goodwin, YWCO

OPTIONS WITH MANY BENEFITS | One of the most powerful aspects of online processes is the fact that they benefit your customers and your staff. Jackrabbit Care’s registration and fees collection methods offer convenience, time-savings, increased accuracy and quicker fee collection – through the 24/7 access and automation the system provides. YWCO was able to:

  • Immediately migrate more than 65% of parents to online pay.
  • Collect money up to 5 days faster than before.
  • Accurately track late payments and record wait lists.
  • Organize and manage those who want to register for full classes.
  • Simplify fee collection across locations.

“We used a paper registration system, which required data entry and made it harder for us to stay organized. We had to sort through registration papers to determine if a class was full or not, which was not only time consuming, but it was embarrassing and came off as unprofessional.” Jessie Goodwin, YWCO

ONLINE OPTIONS ARE STRESS ELIMINATORS | Jackrabbit Care helps YWCO make registration and payment stress-free for parents. No longer would parents face lines out the door and the fear of missing out of the class they need because of their place in line. The software lifted the “dread” factor of their experience and increased their confidence in the organization. The office staff no longer had to worry with accurately completing handwritten details and keeping up with the endless line of parents.

“Since we started using Jackrabbit Care, we’ve saved so much time and even more-so, stress. Right off the bat, parents expressed their approval. I’ve gotten emails specifically thanking me for allowing online payments. We’re collecting more money and doing it faster and with less effort.” Jessie Goodwin, YWCO

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 4 locations, 326 students, 14 teachers, Jessie Goodwin, After School Program Coordinator

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