We’re Here to Help

We have over 10 highly skilled, dedicated support reps who are always available if you have any questions. Most of your questions can be answered by referring to our Help Center and Videos

The Support button in your database allows you to:

Email: Submit an email and get a response within 1 hour during regular business hours!
Chat: Live chat operators available to assist you with quick, immediate questions!
Phone Call: Use the request a call button and have a representative call you within 10 minutes!
Jumpstart Call: Need help onboarding – schedule a call with our implementation team!

Manager’s Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We guarantee a 2-4 hour response time (within Support Hours 8am-8pm EST Mon-Fri) on all Email Support Requests. If you have not received this level of support, please contact our Support Manager. We will take immediate action to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Client Support Testimonials

Child Education Center
“I’m not what I’d define as computer savvy – more like computer aware – but it didn’t take me long to establish a good level of proficiency with the system. From day one I had great confidence in my ability to do everything I need to do in Jackrabbit because of the safety net that the excellent support team provides. They have my back when I need a question answered. Based on my initial information, they can come back with resolutions or with the right questions to get to the root of my issue. It’s excellent support. They’re smart enough to gather information first so they can come to the conversation prepared to quickly get to the root of my issue.”
–—Barbara Bone |Child Education Center

West University Baptist Church’s KidStuff
“Jackrabbit Care is fantastic! Besides the fact that the system is great, the support staff is awesome. They are very quick to respond with good information and effective solutions for us.”
–—Jason Bergstrom |West University Baptist Church’s KidStuff

Central Christian Academy
“It was easy for us to get comfortable with Jackrabbit. The support team was very helpful and having the training videos to use as refreshers as we actually got into doing real work made even the least confident among us comfortable.”
––Cristin Jensen |Central Christian Academy

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