Owner Depends on Jackrabbit Care for Access, Organization and Professionalism

Kristi Resler wanted to hit the ground running when her first session started at her new preschool and junior kindergarten, so she got organized. With several specific features in mind, Kristi researched management softwares geared for child care centers and preschools. She chose Jackrabbit Care.

Kristi’s lack of technology knowledge made her a little apprehensive as she began to set up her database. She was pleased at how easily she was able to work through her set up, customizing her features and capabilities specifically for her preschool.

“I was elated with my results! I couldn’t have been more proud that I had completed my entire set up on my own. It proves that a tech challenged person can set up a comprehensive software system with beautiful results!”

Kristi has all of her students and classes organized in Jackrabbit Care. She uses online registration and billing to make doing business as easy as possible – and to make the Parker Core Knowledge office more efficient. Kristi also has the parent portal set up to allow parents to pay whenever it’s convenient to them.

Jackrabbit Care helps Parker Core Knowledge stay compliant with state reporting requirements. Immunization reports are easily generated and exposed on the dashboard. Alerts help Kristi keep parents informed because the dashboard shows which students need immunizations. This, along with all of the preschool’s other key information, is available from the dashboard.

“I can get what I need when I need it. That is critical to my ability to provide the best services to parents and the best learning experience to my students.”

When parents are paying tuition or asking about waiting lists, Kristi can quickly take care of their needs. It’s important that she is efficient and the information that she provides is accurate.

“Jackrabbit Care helps my interaction with parents. There’s no fumbling around the software in front them.  I’m organized, professional and consistent in everything I do for them.”

Parker Core Knowledge Preschool and Junior Kindergarten | 180 students | 10 teachers | Kristi Resler, owner

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