New and Improved Resources Help with Weekly View’s New Functionality

Earlier this year, we featured our amazing Weekly View. We hope you all take advantage of this feature because – as our February blog post noted – the Weekly View can truly be your BFF.

We realize that sometimes learning a new feature or functionality can be challenging. You must find a break in your normal workflow to “play around” with the latest and greatest in Jackrabbit. Sometimes this is quick and easy and then sometimes this takes a little more thought and testing. The powerful functionality that has been added to your Weekly View may be one of those times when you need to spend a few minutes with some help resources.

Do we have some fabulous Help Center pages for you!

We’ve provided more information – updated to be in sync with the enhancements that have been made to the Weekly View.

From videos to detailed how-tos and self-explaining screenshots, these two Help Center pages will help you leverage everything that Weekly View can help you do in less time with fewer hassles. The fact is that it helps you do almost everything you need to do with classes from that Weekly View!

Here are your new resource pages. Please bookmark these for quick and easy access.

Calendars/Schedules (you may remember this page – but now it has even more information)

The Weekly View (this is a completely new page full of details to help you)


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