Jackrabbit Provides Data Transparency to Multi-Location Child Care Center

ChildRoots Center for Young Children is unique in several ways – one of which is its focus on operating multiple modestly-sized facilities instead of one large one. In doing this, ChildRoots can serve the needs of the community that it is in. And that is important since its facilities are in some of Portland, Oregon’s very diverse urban areas.

“There is a tremendous fusion of philosophies that puts limits on the ways that we can teach. But it also gives us opportunity to intertwine aspects of our diversities into the learning to give our children a stronger sense of what the real world is like.” Sonya Rheingold

Resolving Multi-Location Challenges

The ability to meet their families where they are, so to speak, is something that sets ChildRoots apart from other child care options but it also presented some challenges in managing and operating the business end of the center.

“While positioning ourselves in multiple facilities within our families’ neighborhoods is a very positive thing, it also presents challenges. Critical business details and data can get very discombobulated when they are managed through a series of Excel spreadsheets. Nothing is shared. There is no hub.” Sonya Rheingold

Pulling Everything Together is the Key

ChildRoots couldn’t grasp the value of a software program like Jackrabbit at first. And then they began to see some big cracks in their operations. Implementing Jackrabbit helped them to pull everything together.

Jackrabbit’s unified database eliminates typical multi-location problems like families showing up on multiple waitlists. And the transparency carries over to online registration. ChildRoots had a previous enrollment process that sent multiple documents back and forth between the center and parents. When everything was completed, each area – bookkeepers, directors, teachers – everyone had to have a file. If copies didn’t reach every department, something would go awry.

“Jackrabbit’s transparency is crucial to our ability to enroll everyone accurately. Its super simple because every can see everything. The transparency is huge. Jackrabbit makes enrollment so simple because it provides every department access to complete information without it being disseminated to them.” Sonya Rheingold

Jackrabbit has helped grow the center. Now it is easy to share information, to have everyone on the same page.

“It’s vital that we all know what’s going on – across locations – and have our information in one place. Jackrabbit brings it all together for us and minimizes the number of times we have to touch each piece of information. ”  Sonya Rheingold

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 7 locations, 657 students, 97 instructors, Sonya Rheingold

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