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Jackrabbit is always improving and adding new features and enhancements. Review the latest enhancements below and click at the bottom to see more enhancements.

109/19/17Requested Class Report: Added Web Reg InfoThe Requested Class Report now shows Web Registration information in the Message column. View Requested Class Example
209/07/17New Requested Class ReportThere is a new report called Requested Class Report which lists requested classes and lets you schedule the student into the class or deny the request. To see the report, go to the Reports menu, click on Find Reports or All Reports, click on Classes/Enrollment and then click on the Classes tab. View Report Menu, View Requested Class Report
308/15/17UserID Permissions: Added Assign/Edit/Delete Tuition RatesA new User ID Permission was added, called Assign/Edit/Delete Tuition Rates. The new permission is checked on for all User IDs . To uncheck it, go to Tools>Manage Users and Permissions. Then select the appropriate UserID and click on User Permissions to uncheck this permission. View Assign/Edit/Delete Tuition Rates Permission
402/22/17User Permissions: Added Student Tuition (student based tuition databases only)For databases using student based tuition, a new user permission was added for the Student Tuition tab and Student Tuition Report. The permission was checked for all users when it was added. View Student Tuition Permission
502/16/17CRA Report: Added Childcare OptionFor Canadian Care clients, the CRA Children's Tax Credit Receipt has a new tax credit type for Childcare. View CRA Childcare Setting
602/14/17Sessions: Added DatesWhen creating Sessions from Tools>Edit Drop-down Lists, you can now enter the Start, End and Registration Dates! These dates aren't required. Other pages were also updated for the enhancement:
*Class Summary tab: When a session is selected, the class dates default to the session dates. If class dates already existed, you'll be asked which dates you want to use
*Copy Classes: When a session is selected, the new class dates default to the session dates
*Add Class pop-up: Session, end date and registration dates were added. When a session is selected, the new class dates default to the session dates
View Session Dates
701/24/17Student Schedules: When dropping a student, change the default 'Drop Date' to blankThe 'Drop Date' will now default to a blank date instead of today's date. We added Help text to show you the last date to that you can take attendance. View example
811/29/16Web Reg & Portal Emails: Added Student ScheduleThe following were added to the web registration and portal confirmation emails: location, student schedule and schedule start date (if there is one), class end date, days, class time, room and instructor. View Web Reg Confirmation Example
911/15/16Child Attendance Report & Student Summary ChangesThe Child Attendance Report had the following changes:
-Added option to run the report for a group of students or a single student
-When running the report for a group of students, added search criteria for Total Hours From and Through
-Added display setting for Show Total Hours
Student Summary tab: Added a Child Attendance Report button and also change the button order
View Child Attendance Report Changes
1010/25/16Who's Scheduled To Be Here ReportNew options to:
  • Display Schedule Start and End Time instead of Class Start and End Time
  • Display the name of the first Class based on the Schedule Start Time
  • Sort by Schedule Start Time or Student Name
  • Show all of a Student's Schedules
1108/02/16Students: Added Add Attendance buttonThe Student Add Attendance button has been changed to always appear in a student record. Also, when adding attendance, the class drop-down list will only show the student's scheduled classes instead of all classes. View Add Attendance
1208/02/16Favorites Added to 4 ReportsFavorites added to these reports: Child Attendance, Staff Attendance, Student Tuition and Immunizations/Requirements. Favorites allow you to save your favorite search criteria to use them in the future.
1308/02/16List All/Active Staff: Added Staff LocationList All Staff and List Active Staff now have a Staff Location search criteria and a new column in the report View Staff Location Search Criteria
1403/08/16New Print Group PIN Pickups ReportSeveral changes were made to get a list of students associated with a Group PIN:
* A new report called Group PIN Pickups was added. This report looks exactly like Class Rolls but instead of being for a specific class, it's for a specific Group PIN
* Clock Menu new option for Pickups Report-Group PINs
* Manage Group PINs has a button for the new Pickups Group PINs report and renamed the Authorized Pickups link to "Manage Pickups"
View Pickups Report - Group PINs Search Criteria View Pickups Report - Group PINs Report
1502/09/16Portal: Added Contact PINs SettingA new Portal setting was added for "Show Contact PINs". When checked, the contact's PIN is shown in the Portal My Contact tab. View New Portal PIN Setting, View PIN in the Portal
1601/25/16Time Clock Settings: Added Student Photo, Check In/Out ChangesA Time Clock setting was added to display student photos inside the time clock. Changes were also made for easier check in/out. To see these changes in action, watch this short video (1:30)Care Time Clock Changes video
1701/19/16Authorized Pickups: Added Grade FilterAuthorized Pickups now has a Grade Filter, an All checkbox and will only display students not already selected. View Authorized Pickups
1801/05/16Manage Group PINs: Sort order changedThe Manage Group PINs page now sorts alphabetically by Group Name. Also changed the term "Authorized Pickups" to "Manage Pickups"See Manage Group PIN Changes
1910/05/15Delete Contact Update for Student Based Billing ClientsFor clients using student based tuition billing, there's a change when trying to delete contacts or move families to the Lead File. If the contact has a current student tuition rate asigned to a student in another family, the contact can't be deleted and the family can't be moved to the lead file. If the tuition rate is current and assigned to a contact in their own family, the contact can be deleted and the family can be moved to the lead file. This was added as extra protection against under-billing tuition fees.
2009/29/15Contacts: Edit & Pickups button moved and renamedThe Edit and Pickups buttons on the Contact page have been renamed "Manage PINs" and "Manage Pickups". The buttons were also moved to the top of the page to make the easier to find. View Contact page changes
2108/25/15Portal Enrollment Setting ChangeThe Portal Enrollment Settings for Enroll Students and Request Class Only were replaced by one simpler enrollment setting called "Enrollment Options". The options are Enrollment Not Allowed, Enroll Students and Request Class Only. All databases were updated appropriately to use the new setting. View Portal Enrollment Options Setting
2208/19/15Student Tuition Report: Column ChangesOrganizations using student based billing have a Student Tuition Report which had some column changes. We've added a Net Tuition column and also moved columns around to be in a more effective order. View Updated Student Tuition Report
2308/19/15Print/Email Statements: Show Transaction Note ChangeFor organizations using student based billing, Print and Email Statements will now default the "Show Transaction Note" setting to "Yes".
2408/07/15Student Based Billing Statements: Class/Event RemovedWhen a database is set to use Student Based Billing, Email and Print Statements will no longer display the Class/Event column
2508/07/15Schedule Template Names Editable & New ButtonThe Schedule Template Name is now editable! We've also added an "Assign Schedule" button to make it easier to open the Assign Schedule page. View Schedule Template Changes
2607/14/15Students Adv Search: New option for student based billingClients set to use Student Based Billing now have a new search option in Student Advanced Search called "Has No Current Tuition Rate". This enables you to find currently enrolled students without a tuition rate who will be missed when tuition fees are posted.
2706/30/15Dashboard Immunization/Reqs Alert changeInactive Students are now being excluded from both Dashboard Immunization/Requirement alerts
2806/25/15Additional Care Tools menu changesAdditional menu changes were made in the Care edition
Moved from Tools to Edit Settings menu:
1. Edit Schedule Templates (renamed Schedule Templates)
2. Edit Immunization/Req (renamed Immunization/Req)
3. Edit Hours of Operation (renamed Hours of Operation)
2911/18/14NEW Email TemplatesNEW email marketing templates are in your database! These are FREE templates for typical email communications with clients. The templates include exciting graphics and text.

To see the email templates, go to Tools->Edit Email Templates. Please read the "Template Instructions" which is the first email template listed for full information.
3009/09/14Add Schedule changesThe "Add Schedule" modal now shows the Hours of Operation to help when entering the student's In and Out times. Parents will also see the Hours of Operation will enrolling online. If a parent enters an In or Out time which is outside of the Hours of Operation, the parent will be notified and not allowed to enroll until the time is corrected.
3108/28/14How to Transition to a New SessionThe Standard Operating Procedure for transitioning to a new session is now available on our Care Online blog. All schools, even those that operate year round, should use sessions. This article explains how to close one session, open new a session and copy classes and enrollment if desired.How to Transition to a New Session
3207/30/14Immunization EnhancementsThe following enhancements were made for immunization tracking:
* Dashboard: two alerts added for "Immunizations/Requirements Due (30 days)" and "Immunizations/Requirements Overdue"
* Immunization Report: the yes/no statuses were changed to "Completed, Overdue and Due" and highlighting was added
* Student Medical tab will turn red when a immunization/requirement is overdue
* Student Advanced Search: added search criteria "Has Birthdate"
* Email Families: added search criteria "Include Immunization/Requirement" with several options
3307/30/14Child Attendance Report: New criteria and more info in the reportA couple changes were made to the Child Attendance report.
* A new search criteria was added for "Hour Type"
* Both "Session" and "Hour Type" were added to the report results.
3406/10/14New Students added to Primary Contact PickupsWhen a new student is created, the student will automatically be added as an "Authorized Pickup" for the Primary Contact(s).
3505/28/13Change how Actual Outside of Scheduled tuition is calculatedActual Outside of Scheduled tuition calculation now looks at the exact times a student attended and compares those to the scheduled times. If a student arrives late and stays late but attended the same total scheduled hours, the hours after the scheduled time will be calculated as overage hours. If a student arrives early and leaves early, the hours before the scheduled start time will be calculated as overage hours.
A more specific example: a student is scheduled from 9am to 5pm but instead attends 10am to 6 pm, the system will calculate from 5pm to 6pm (1 hour) as the overage because it 's outside of the scheduled time.
3611/12/12EZCare - Student Based Tuition BillingA new method for posting tuition fees is now available. It is called Student Based Tuition Fees. All tuition fees are created for each student and can be based on the following:- Fixed amount - Actual attendance - Scheduled attendance - Actual attendance outside of scheduled attendanceFamilies can also be defined as the following payer types: Family, 3rd Party and Agency. All tuition discounts are entered in the student's tuition rates and tuition can be split between different payer types. Please click on the links below to watch 2 short screencasts for more details:
Student Based tuition Part 1
Student Based tuition Part 2
If this is something you are interested in, please contact us by using the Support button in your database.
3708/16/12Child Attendance Report sortThe Child Attendance Report now has the Student First Name and Last Name in separate columns. The default sort for the report is Student Last Name and then Student First Name (it was sorted on Class Name previously).
3808/01/12Portal Auto Post of Tuition FeeWhen the "Automatically Post Tuition Fees" portal setting is checked, then tuition fees will be automatically posted when a student is scheduled through the portal.
3905/30/12New Dashboard Alert - Failed SignoutsA new "Failed Signouts" dashboard alert has been added in the alerts section.
4005/28/12Clock Menu MovedThe Clock menu has been moved to a new location between Staff and Transactions.
4105/01/12New Portal Setting - Require ScheduleThe Portal can now be set to require a Schedule to be selected before submitting the registration. This setting is located in the Tools menu, Customer Portal Settings. It's called "Require Schedule".
4204/23/12Add Attendance button renamedThe "Add Attendance" button in the staff section has been renamed to "Add Time Entry"
4304/22/12Staff Pin and message moved to Staff Summary PageNow you may create/edit PINs and update news for a staff member right from the summary page. The Time Card tab has been removed.
4402/20/12Staff Attendance Report - enhancedTwo new options have been added to this report. 1.) Sort by staff name 2.) Display total hours.
4502/19/12Student Info Sheets - enhancedNow when viewing student info sheets, all contacts authorized to pickup a student will be listed for each student.
4602/19/12Contact Listing Report - enhancedNow when viewing the contact listing report, you will see a list of students a contact is authorized to pickup.
4702/13/12Staff Time Clock - NewYou can now keep track of your Staff's actual hours by using the Time Clock. Please read the User Guide Section 6 "Time Clock" to get started.
4802/07/12Add Student Schedule - enhancedNow when adding student schedules the classes drop-down will be filtered by location.
4901/26/12Student Attendance - enhancedNow when viewing the student attendance tab, "total time" has been added to the attendance grid.
5001/26/12Clock - enhancedNow when launching a time clock and your are a multi-location organization, you will be asked to select the "Location" when launching the clock. This allows students at other locations to be hidden if not enrolled in any classes at that location when a parent is checking a student in/out.

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