Jackrabbit’s web-based system gives parents a clear window into KidStuff

Bergstrom_WestUBaptistChurchKidStuff_02222015.fwWest U needed an online solution for managing their KidStuff program. They implemented Jackrabbit Care and have been very pleased with how easy it has made managing all of the intricate details that are involved in operating a children’s program.

“Jackrabbit Care’s online format gives us the convenience of anywhere access which enables us to provide detailed answers – regardless of where we are when a parent asks questions.” Jason Bergstrom, West U Baptist Church’s KidStuff

CLEAR AND CONCISE INFORMATION FOR PARENTS | West U is very comfortable with the way Jackrabbit Care presents information that parents want to know. And parents are happy with a clean window into their children’s program. They no longer feel angst over financials and can do any business they need to do 24/7 through their secure portal.

“With Jackrabbit Care’s broad range of search options, we’re able to quickly provide very comprehensive information to parents, giving them detailed breakdowns of their account status. We can provide them with a higher level of service.” Jason Bergstrom, West U Baptist Church’s KidStuff

BENEFITS OF MENTAL HEALTH INSTEAD OF TIME SAVED | Jackrabbit Care keeps West U’s staff more organized because they can navigate large volumes of data quickly. The comprehensive reporting features eliminate any time-consuming and frustrating deciphering and interpreting of data into useful knowledge. Because parents are engaged in the process through the portal, West U’s staff is completely removed from the account maintenance equation.

“Jackrabbit Care saves us time for sure, but it saves us our sanity. We don’t even have to follow a paper tail anymore. Our processes are done electronically, archived and easily accessible for future references. We’re more organized, more accurate, more knowledgeable and more helpful.” Jason Bergstrom, West U Baptist Church’s KidStuff

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 241 students, 30 teachers, Jason Bergstrom, Financial Administrator

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