The Difference in Credit Cards and Bank Drafts in ePayments

If you’ve always wanted to know the details on the differences between taking credit cards and using bank drafts for ePayments in Jackrabbit, click here to read about it on the Jackrabbit Class blog. It encompasses both the use of credit cards and ACH payments or bank drafts. It’s important to know how each one behaves in Jackrabbit.

Of course, there is more to learn about ePayments in Jackrabbit by visiting our website, or contacting us.

Learn More About Offering ePayments

ePayments is a vital part of your Jackrabbit if you use it to collect payments. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be featuring great information on some of the questions that you may have wanted to ask – but just never have.and for those who are using it to collect money. our Over the next few weeks and months, you’re likely to notice posts on several topics that fall under the “ePayments” features in Jackrabbit.

Read more about this series on the Jackrabbit Class blog.


You can also follow this series on Facebook user group page where we will share links to our ePayments content as we develop it. Send ePayments topic suggestions to

Where Do Speed and Performance Issues Originate?

Jackrabbit sporadically sees performance comments via our Facebook Users Group or Support Tickets that include “Why is Jackrabbit running slowly?” and “Why do pages in Jackrabbit take a long time to load?”

We hear you!

We understand that Jackrabbit is essential to your business and that – regardless of the cause – performance issues affect your business operations. That is precisely why we want to share some facts with you about our operations and the factors that impact how Jackrabbit performs in your facility.

The Jackrabbit application operates at its optimal performance level 24/7.

Jackrabbit’s servers are located in our headquarters city of Charlotte, NC and are hosted and managed by one of the top hosting facilities in the country.  There is a team of operational experts tasked with ensuring that our servers are consistently running at peak efficiency.  Our development team is notified of any issues or outages and proactively addresses them as they happen. Our team also monitors our server output 24/7.

Your use of Jackrabbit can be affected by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) pipelines.

Since Jackrabbit is an online service, the quality of your Internet connection plays a part in your access to Jackrabbit. The type of pipeline you have is a factor.  For example:  Many of you may be on a Cable Network or restricted to only one network option for your specific area.  Speed issues seem to become apparent during the evening hours when the pipeline of your cable network is being taxed by people coming home from work, starting up Netflix and using the internet.  Imagine the interstate on a long weekend.

You may find that another site may work fine while Jackrabbit is slow. A site such as Amazon has servers all over the world while Jackrabbit has servers in our one location. Amazon can spread traffic from its customers across its many servers – even directing you to the server closest to your area. Jackrabbit obviously isn’t as large as Amazon and doesn’t have the usage demand for a network of multi-location servers like Amazon maintains. Even so, the Internet access to our powerful hub of servers could become congested based on the area you are in and the usage at the time.

Test and compare speed.

There are easy ways that you can test your Internet connection speed:

  1. Grab your cell phone. Make sure you are on your cellphone network and not the same wifi as our computer. Access Jackrabbit. Did the pages load quickly on your phone?  This verifies your pipeline is probably experiencing congestion
  2. Run a speed test from your computer at different times of day (using and see the differences.
  3. Consider contacting your ISP. Explain that you have to access a site in Charlotte, NC. This site is critical to your business.  You can provide them with Jackrabbit’s IP address ( and see if there is anything they can do to help.

To help you in visualize and assure you of Jackrabbit’s performance, we’re considering opening up a window for you to view our server performance. You would be able to verify for yourself exactly how Jackrabbit is performing for you. You will be alerted if this becomes an option.

Weekly (Calendar) View – It’s Your BFF

Your Weekly View could be called your Jackrabbit BFF (yes, I mean Best Friend Forever) because through it, you can manage almost all areas of your classes – without going into other menus.

Weekly View: see by Week, by Day, or by Room.

Monthly Schedule: see the month at a glance.

Access the Weekly View

  1. Weekly View button on Dashboard (quickest)
  2. Classes > Advanced Search
  3. Classes > Weekly/Daily Schedule

BLOG_WeeklyView 2.20.17



Tip: Use Settings to set your scheduled Start & End time. Use the earliest Start and latest End time you will have on any day of the week (user permission needed.) Click Refresh to see changes.


Use the Weekly View

1. View by: Week, Day, Room.

2. Color Code: by Category 1 to easily spot different types of classes.

3. List View: see the class name (number of openings), number of FD (future drops) and FE (future enrolls.)

4. Hover View: see class information like max size, openings, and the wait list. Click on Future Drops or Future Enrolls to see details.
BLOG_WeeklyViewBFF-modal 2.20.17

5. Schedule Students:

  • Schedule & Register buttons can add students to the class.
  • The Waitlist button will add them to the waitlist.
  • CLASS FULL will show if the waitlist is full and/or not available.

BLOG_WeeklyView-reg  BLOG_WeeklyView-waitlist  BLOG_WeeklyView-full

6. Show Students: choose to see the names of students scheduled into each class by checking Show Students at the top of the calendar.
The calendar loads quicker without the student names, so they won’t show until you check that box.

7. Views less: Change Criteria to narrow down which classes display.

8. Add/Create a Class: Double-click on any open time slot to quickly add/create a class right from the calendar.
Tip: Once you Submit you will see the message Class created successfully (class ID#). Do not click Submit again or you will create a duplicate class. (The Submit button does not go away.)

Click Add Another Class, View Calendar, Schedule or Register to continue.
This shows on the Daily View (click on the day header from the Weekly View)

9. Staff Availability: show general availability and days/times they are not available for things like doctor’s apt, vacation, holiday, etc.
From Staff > Availability add Standard Available Hours.
Then, click Add Exceptions to add times they will be away.Add/Create a Class: Double-click on any open time slot to quickly add/create a class right from the calendar.

Monthly Schedule

– Sort by Cat1 or Session to narrow down.

– Check ‘Show Instructors’ to see them list with the class.

– Hover over a class to see class details like on the Weekly View.


Why Should You Visit Jackrabbit at the NAA?

Are you coming to The National Afterschool Association Conference in March? We are excited to host our booth and have another opportunity to meet you in person and talk to you about Jackrabbit Care.

Rising to the Challenge

We’re in sync with the NAA Conference theme, because we’re “Rising to the Challenge” to answer questions for you! Take advantage of one-on-one appointments that you can set up ahead of time to ensure that you get some quality time with one of our Jackrabbit experts at our booth. If you’d like to participate, send in your request today.

This year’s convention promises to be powerful – gathering over 2,000 afterschool professionals who have goals for the event similar to yours – to network and learn – and basically to absorb everything from new methodologies to game-changing business tools like Jackrabbit Care.

In fact, Jackrabbit Care aligns with many of the best practices highlighted by the NAA by focusing on efficiencies enabled by automation and data management.

Providing Opportunities to Learn

Our booth is a great place to learn, because our software experts will also:

  • Share proven software tips and tricks
  • Show you the most recent enhancements from our development team
  • Give demonstrations directly in a live database
  • Preview exciting new features
  • Help you sign up for extended free trials
  • Review the features you’re using to make sure you’re leveraging all of Jackrabbit’s benefits

One of the best things about visiting our booth is the opportunity to meet or reconnect with your fellow Jackrabbit Care users and hear about ways that they use the software. You may learn as much from their questions as you do from your own inquiries!

Looking for the Bunny

This (looking for the Bunny) is what you need to be doing when you hit the Conference floor. This year’s National Afterschool Convention is in Dallas, Texas. Conference activities take place March 19-22, but we will be looking for you to stop by our booth (#302) March 19-21!

Not attending the conference but still want to connect with other Jackrabbit users? Participate in the Facebook User’s Group for Jackrabbit Care.

Adding Value

We pride ourselves on consistently enhancing our software, always elevating our industry leading customer support and customer satisfaction. We recognize that you are also leaders in your practice areas in providing quality learning experiences to students so we offer a system specifically geared to your needs.

Here are some of the prime benefits of your Jackrabbit software that we can help you make sure you’re leveraging:

  • Work smarter and have more time to grow your business.
  • Access your account information anytime and anywhere.
  • Streamline your business operations with student check-in, recurring billing, parent portal, immunizations and texting.
  • Save time, save money – save your sanity!

Check out what other afterschool programs have to say about how Jackrabbit changed their business for the better.


What is Project Declutter All About?

During the month of February, we are highlighting some items that exemplify customer love. From a feature and a project that illustrate our focus on customers’ needs and ideas to comments from customers and Jackrabbit staff who are passionate about our software, you’ll see things that enlighten you or confirm what you already know.

Aligning our product development with your ideas and requests is pretty much our mantra. Our customers are indeed where the “heart” of our passion lies. So here is a big project that is all about you: Project Declutter.

You may have noticed some enhancements published lately are noted to be part of Project Declutter.

Here is how this project came about.

You see our Send Idea button in your software and we know that many of your use it! We have thousands of your ideas logged in a database that is reviewed all year long, but is especially important to review before we develop our “software roadmap” for each year. Our dev department has a place in that roadmap for your ideas that is alongside the things that they believe are critical to the software.

Reviewing your ideas is what inspired project declutter.

We know that our pages have lots of information on them. It is all important but we’ve seen from your suggestions that this can be frustrating – even for seasoned users – and confusing for new users.

We decided to do something about it. Even though it’s a simple statement, “decluttering” the software is actually a pretty big and complex project. It’s like that elephant that we have to eat one bite at a time. That is exactly what Project Declutter enables us to do. When we see quick things that we can do along the development and enhancement path, we just do them. It’s like taking a bite out of the elephant. The enhancements that fall under the Project Declutter category continue to grow. We hope you are noticing the results in the software without having to be told that there is a project named for these efforts. And we think it’s important that you know this project exists so you know how seriously we take what you tell us.

Before decluttering:


After decluttering:


Jackrabbit’s 5 Resolutions

Jackrabbit helps dance, gymnastics, swim, music, arts, learning, martial arts, cheer, and children’s care organizations with more than 11,000 locations get back to doing what they are passionate about.

By helping them to leverage technology – something Jackrabbit is very passionate about – Jackrabbit’s clients get out from behind their desks and teach, lead and guide and grow their businesses.

It’s important to articulate resolutions.  And year ends and beginnings provide the information and opportunity to reflect and move forward. We have 5 “resolutions” that we consider critical to being successful at taking on the challenges and opportunities of the new year.


Jackrabbit gives back to each of the communities of which it is fortunate to be included. This includes its headquarters business community, the many communities in the US and Canada where its employees work in their home offices, and the community of clients that we happily serve. From supporting local food banks, international children’s foundations, and customer crisis needs, Jackrabbit gives back in ways that it feels can be most effective.


Healthy and safe employees make happier employees! And happy employees are the best at making customers happy. Jackrabbit understands this and encourages safe and healthy living through physical and spiritual fitness, benefits perks as well as company policies. Jackrabbit always offers healthy options and stresses safety during activities and events.


Each January gives us the chance to check our progress and set new goals – personally and professionally. By taking the time to renew the passions that fuel our actions, we promulgate improvement in all factions of our lives – including our work lives. Jackrabbit takes this to heart, looking at metrics and feedback to continue to raise the bar on excellence every year.


With customers around the world, Jackrabbit understands the importance of coming together. That’s why once per year, Jackrabbit offers venues for doing so to all. East and West User Conferences are the largest of these events for customers, but regional trainings also provide opportunities for peers in the Jackrabbit world to unite.


Jackrabbit completely supports providing opportunities for its team to renew, revitalize and recharge so that – regardless of what teams are doing as a unit or as individuals and professionally or personally – they are mentally and emotionally equipped for it. Recharging is essential to the ability to fire on all cylinders and maintain excellence, satisfaction, and happiness. Departments choose annual team building activities, the company has an off-site retreat to relax and have fun and to spend some creative time focusing on how the company, each department, and individuals should and could be changing and improving.

Web Reg Settings for Registration Fees: Added 3rd student and Max Reg Fee

We’ve made some helpful changes and additions to the Web Registration Settings for Registration Fees that post automatically.

There is now a field for a 3rd student fee amount and also a Maximum Fee per Family/Account. Now, the automatic registration fee posting is consistent with the Post Annual Fees function you do on recurring years.

We also re-worded the options in the Post Fee Per:

  • Fee Per Family
  • Fee Per Student
  • Fee Per Student Per Class


Setup New Parent Portal Accounts with Ease

Ready for an easier way for brand new families to log in to the Customer Portal for the first time?

Have you often heard parent’s ask:

“Where do I get my login information?”

“Why can’t I just create my Portal password when I register?”

Well, we heard you loud and clear!

A recent enhancement now includes a new OPTIONAL field in your Web Registration form… for families NEW to your database…to create a Portal Account Password.

This field will always show on your registration form for the first Contact, as long as your Customer Portal is enabled.


Once the Web Reg form is submitted the Contact will receive a pop-up Registration Confirmation that will include a button the take them to the Customer Portal Login screen.


You may want to edit your Login Page Message (Tools > Customer Portal Settings) to let the Contact know they can just enter the password they created during Web Reg. (This is really helpful if they choose to login to the Portal at a later date.)


Once inside the Portal, the Contact can view their recent Registration from the News tab.


Use Email Templates to send out Portal Login information? You may want to update the email to include this new information (Tools > Edit Email Templates.)



Aged Account Report’s Results Simplified

Two changes made to titles and defaults in the Aged Account Report simplify its results:

  1. When the Days Outstanding is selected in the search criteria or from the dashboard link, the report will show the days in title.
  2. When the Aged Accounts Report is run with the Balance From set to less than or equal to zero, the results list will default to hide zero balance families instead of showing them. A checkbox above the grid gives you the option to quickly show these families. The same changes appear when you click on the Balance (incl Credits) link on the Dashboard. This makes it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly when your concern is families who owe money.jr-1-10062016

New Look & Options when Emailing Schedules and Texting or Emailing Families

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all need to have our look freshened a little! That’s exactly what we did with Email/Text Families & Email Student Schedules! These “fresheners” don’t change how anything works, but they sure do give the pages an updated and cleaner appearance!

Plus, you’ll also see the new emailing options to attach a file or image right from Jackrabbit!

  • In both Email/Text Families & Email Student Schedules, we’ve added section headers and made minor label changes.
  • Both pages now have Attach File and Insert Image options.
  • Email/Text Families has a new option that enables you to Include Waitlisted Students.
  • Email Student Schedules also let you send schedules for a specific Session only.


Email Student Schedules


A NEW and EASIER Way to Save and Add Tuition

Getting Students setup with the Schedules and Tuitions is a vital piece of running your school, and one you want done right the first time! Well, thanks to a recent enhancement, this has been made easier for you!

Go to Students > List All Students > Schedule:


Once you click on the Schedule link, you can select the Schedule Template or enter the Schedule.  You have the option to Save or Save & Add Student Tuition.


If you would like to go ahead and save the Student Tuition Rate, you can do so by selecting Save & Add Student Tuition.  The Add Student Tuition window will come up for you to complete.


Now adding schedules and tuition rates is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3!

It’s Here: Mobile Responsive Web Registration Form

Over the last few years, more and more website traffic has been on cell phones. In fact, more people are using their phones more than computers. We call this mobile. Why does it matter to you? Because your customers and potential customers are most likely coming to your website from their phone. [You can see stats like this for free with Google Analytics.]

Anyways, I’m sure you all have heard this before. The reason we bring this all up is to share something that we have had a lot of requests for – a mobile responsive web registration form! We’re happy to announce that it’s here.

PS – Have you made your class listings tables responsive? We have directions for you here.

Old vs New Registration Forms:






See Waitlist Count from Global Search

I’m sure you already know how helpful The Global Class Search or Quick Search box is in Jackrabbit.  (In case you’ve missed it, it’s to the right of the Global Family/Student Search Box.)

Just enter a class name or the first few letters of the class name and click the Go button.  Jackrabbit lists the results with columns including Location, Status, Session, Start Date, End Date, Category 1, 2, and 3, Instructors, Days/Times, Rooms, Gender, Ages, Class Size, Openings, Future Drops, Future Enrollments, and Fee.

Now, there is also a Wait column.  You’ll see the number of students on the Wait List for each class.  Want to see just the classes that have an active Wait List?  Click on the column header to sort.  First, Jackrabbit will bring all the classes with NO students on the Wait List.  Click it a 2nd time to bring all the classes with the most students on a Wait List to the top.



Know Who’s Schedule to Be Here

Find Today’s Scheduled Students Quickly and Easily

Want an easy way to see who’s going to be at your school on any given day? Recent changes to the Who’s Scheduled to Be Here report will make you smile!

This report now uses student Schedules when deciding who to include in the report, not Class days and times. For example, if a Class meets every day, Monday – Friday, but a student only attends on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the report will now only include them on Tuesday or Thursday dates. If another student attends the same class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they will only be included on dates that fall on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

You can choose to show just the first class a child is scheduled in for that day, or all the classes they are attending.

  • Go to Students > Who’s Scheduled to Be Here
  • Choose either: Only First Schedule for this Day or All Schedules for this Day
  • Sort your results by either Student name or Schedule Start Time

Here’s a quick tip: choose to show Family Balance on the report then keep a copy by the front door to remind parents of balances due as they arrive.


If you need to adjust a student’s current schedule you can do that by going to their Student > Schedules tab, then editing their days/times as needed.


To end a current schedule and start a new one, use the Drop link on the Student > Summary tab, then add a new one with the upcoming information using the Add Schedule button.



For all things schedules, check out the Schedules section of our Help Guide – here.