New and Improved Resources Help with Weekly View’s New Functionality

Earlier this year, we featured our amazing Weekly View. We hope you all take advantage of this feature because – as our February blog post noted – the Weekly View can truly be your BFF.

We realize that sometimes learning a new feature or functionality can be challenging. You must find a break in your normal workflow to “play around” with the latest and greatest in Jackrabbit. Sometimes this is quick and easy and then sometimes this takes a little more thought and testing. The powerful functionality that has been added to your Weekly View may be one of those times when you need to spend a few minutes with some help resources.

Do we have some fabulous Help Center pages for you!

We’ve provided more information – updated to be in sync with the enhancements that have been made to the Weekly View.

From videos to detailed how-tos and self-explaining screenshots, these two Help Center pages will help you leverage everything that Weekly View can help you do in less time with fewer hassles. The fact is that it helps you do almost everything you need to do with classes from that Weekly View!

Here are your new resource pages. Please bookmark these for quick and easy access.

Calendars/Schedules (you may remember this page – but now it has even more information)

The Weekly View (this is a completely new page full of details to help you)


The Difference in Credit Cards and Bank Drafts in ePayments

If you’ve always wanted to know the details on the differences between taking credit cards and using bank drafts for ePayments in Jackrabbit, click here to read about it on the Jackrabbit Class blog. It encompasses both the use of credit cards and ACH payments or bank drafts. It’s important to know how each one behaves in Jackrabbit.

Of course, there is more to learn about ePayments in Jackrabbit by visiting our website, or contacting us.

Learn More About Offering ePayments

ePayments is a vital part of your Jackrabbit if you use it to collect payments. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be featuring great information on some of the questions that you may have wanted to ask – but just never have.and for those who are using it to collect money. our Over the next few weeks and months, you’re likely to notice posts on several topics that fall under the “ePayments” features in Jackrabbit.

Read more about this series on the Jackrabbit Class blog.


You can also follow this series on Facebook user group page where we will share links to our ePayments content as we develop it. Send ePayments topic suggestions to

Where Do Speed and Performance Issues Originate?

Jackrabbit sporadically sees performance comments via our Facebook Users Group or Support Tickets that include “Why is Jackrabbit running slowly?” and “Why do pages in Jackrabbit take a long time to load?”

We hear you!

We understand that Jackrabbit is essential to your business and that – regardless of the cause – performance issues affect your business operations. That is precisely why we want to share some facts with you about our operations and the factors that impact how Jackrabbit performs in your facility.

The Jackrabbit application operates at its optimal performance level 24/7.

Jackrabbit’s servers are located in our headquarters city of Charlotte, NC and are hosted and managed by one of the top hosting facilities in the country.  There is a team of operational experts tasked with ensuring that our servers are consistently running at peak efficiency.  Our development team is notified of any issues or outages and proactively addresses them as they happen. Our team also monitors our server output 24/7.

Your use of Jackrabbit can be affected by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) pipelines.

Since Jackrabbit is an online service, the quality of your Internet connection plays a part in your access to Jackrabbit. The type of pipeline you have is a factor.  For example:  Many of you may be on a Cable Network or restricted to only one network option for your specific area.  Speed issues seem to become apparent during the evening hours when the pipeline of your cable network is being taxed by people coming home from work, starting up Netflix and using the internet.  Imagine the interstate on a long weekend.

You may find that another site may work fine while Jackrabbit is slow. A site such as Amazon has servers all over the world while Jackrabbit has servers in our one location. Amazon can spread traffic from its customers across its many servers – even directing you to the server closest to your area. Jackrabbit obviously isn’t as large as Amazon and doesn’t have the usage demand for a network of multi-location servers like Amazon maintains. Even so, the Internet access to our powerful hub of servers could become congested based on the area you are in and the usage at the time.

Test and compare speed.

There are easy ways that you can test your Internet connection speed:

  1. Grab your cell phone. Make sure you are on your cellphone network and not the same wifi as our computer. Access Jackrabbit. Did the pages load quickly on your phone?  This verifies your pipeline is probably experiencing congestion
  2. Run a speed test from your computer at different times of day (using and see the differences.
  3. Consider contacting your ISP. Explain that you have to access a site in Charlotte, NC. This site is critical to your business.  You can provide them with Jackrabbit’s IP address ( and see if there is anything they can do to help.

To help you in visualize and assure you of Jackrabbit’s performance, we’re considering opening up a window for you to view our server performance. You would be able to verify for yourself exactly how Jackrabbit is performing for you. You will be alerted if this becomes an option.

Advanced Search Pages Renamed and Students Search Made Easier to Use

The Students Advanced Search page helps you find lots of important information, and having it all in one place can be a good thing. However, making it better over the years by adding more options, fields, and criteria has also given the page a little clutter issue.

We simplified the layout and did a little “clutter-eliminating” housekeeping in hopes that we could make this important page easier for you to use and read.

One additional change is that all dropdown menus’ Advanced Search options are renamed to simply “Search”.   The page title of each menu indicates the specific search: Search Students, Search Families, Search Classes, Search Staff, and Search Transactions.

Our efforts are always focused on improving your Jackrabbit experience and helping you to work better faster.

Why Your Data is Safe in Jackrabbit

You have lots of data in Jackrabbit.

  • Some of this data belongs to you. (i.e., your user permissions, your account information – which probably includes the account used to pay Jackrabbit, your classes, your tuition amounts, revenues, student totals…)
  • Some of this data belongs to your organization’s parents. (i.e., their contact information, the account used to pay you, perhaps personal information about their child…)
  • And some of this data belongs to your employees. (i.e., their contact information, social security number, perhaps even their banking information)

Needless to say, there is some pretty sensitive data stored in your Jackrabbit database. You want all of it to be safe and secure – worry free – if possible. With Jackrabbit, there are no worries. We’ve got your back on this one.

There are reasons you can feel secure about this:

Jackrabbit is a hosted solution.

Why is this good? Because we bear the burden of costly IT staff and services for you. As one organization, you’d find it challenging – let’s be honest, impossible – to afford and manage the level of infrastructure, security and staff that Jackrabbit makes available to you as a client.

Jackrabbit is safe enough for banks.

Your software is critical to your business. For that reason, Jackrabbit servers are hosted in the same datacenters that some of our nation’s largest banks trust with their data – centers where security and safety checks and balances far exceed any measures that most individual businesses – regardless of size – can afford to maintain. No one except approved personnel can even get into the buildings where your data is secured.

Jackrabbit is highly secure.

Our hosting centers use industry-leading security measures including fully redundant, state-of-the-art, denial-of-service firewalls, multiple system administrator controls to restrict access to data and functionality under 1024-bit encryption. Jackrabbit runs SSL acceleration hardware so that each user experiences the same performance – regardless of connected under regular encryption or SSL encryption mode.

Jackrabbit practices strict backup procedures.

Jackrabbit has taken every precaution against any type of failure including data backup. Our backup regimen makes sure that your data is always protected. Even in the event of a catastrophic failure, your data can be restored because it is protected by a nightly backup.

Jackrabbit provides an uptime guarantee.

Why is uptime part of being safe and secure? If your system is down, you can’t do anything and your customers can’t do anything with your business. Downtime in a software solution may not exactly compromise the data in it but it may seem that way to your customers. If they believe their sensitive data is at risk they may decide a competitor uses better software.

This will never happen with Jackrabbit because we actually guarantee 99.9% uptime. This is all part of the fault-tolerant engineering and network infrastructure that is designed specifically to handle your critical business software needs every minute of every day of the year.

Read more about our obsession with data security.

Jackrabbit carries industry verifications and certifications.

Jackrabbit has GODADDY.COM verified and secured verify security and carries CertifyPCI compliance status.

Jackrabbit is a SaaS solution.

It’s a technology industry standard that SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions employ security controls and protocols that no individual can afford to implement upon their own network or computer. SaaS solutions leverage economies of scale in favor of their clients – even sharing the massive IT investments with hundreds of other SaaS solutions.

SaaS companies do quite a few things to ensure data security and after reading the list, you’ll probably be happy that you have a company like Jackrabbit overseeing all of this for you!

SaaS companies are incredibly secure because they:

  • Closely align with ISO 27034requirements
  • Provide security training and certification for product teams
  • Perform product health, risk and threat landscape analysis
  • Conduct mandatory static analysis
  • Develop secure coding guidelines, rules and analysis
  • Conduct secure complete stack
  • Utilize big data for advanced threat detection
  • Develop service roadmaps, security tools and testing methods that guide the security team to help address the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 most critical web application security flaws and CWE/SANSTop 25 most dangerous software errors
  • Provide secure architecture review encryption and penetration testing
  • Conduct source code reviews
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Read more about security and SaaS solutions.

Jackrabbit has detailed user permission and password features.

Jackrabbit has the security of the data in Jackrabbit covered. We’ve actually done everything we can do on our end. But there are some things that you can do to button up your end. Read more about leveraging Jackrabbit’s user controls and database security.

Myth Busting: Immunization / Medical Tracking in Jackrabbit

Quick, accessible information is why you use a software system – that’s why Jackrabbit offers built in Immunization and Medical tracking. Our tracking system even alerts you when medical records need to be updated, then provides tools for letting parents know that action is needed.

We often hear that schools would LIKE to use this feature, but they are either hesitant or face resistance to changing a system that has worked in the past. Here are the top myths about using software to keep up with due dates of medical items or immunizations – busted!

Myth #1

Since I need to keep paper copies, there is no point in entering them electronically.

Fact – The value in entering due dates and marking them complete in Jackrabbit lies in the communication, alerts and reporting tools you gain. Yes, paper copies may be necessary to keep in a student’s file to show the inspector, but you don’t want to thumb through tens or hundreds of files each month to see what items need attention.

  • Alert: dashboard Alerts automatically tell you if anyone is overdue, or coming up due soon.
  • Report: print for everyone, just the overdue or just those who will be due soon.
  • Communicate: our parent portal easily shows caregivers if their child is up to date, and easy email filters let you remind parents that an update is needed with the click of a button.





Communicate: Portal & Email



Myth #2

I need custom due dates, not just “due at X months old,” so entering them electronically won’t work for me.  

Fact – Custom due dates can easily be setup in Jackrabbit. A smart way is to create your Requirement with the due dates all being ‘0 months since birth.’ Then, go to the Student’s Medical page to enter the custom due dates.

Myth #3

It takes too long to enter this information in.

Fact Some simple setup when you enter the student is all it takes to get up-to-date alerts and reports telling you which accounts need attention.

So, what is holding you back? Integrating your Medical tracking with Jackrabbit is a no-brainer! Your parents stay up to date, you stay up to date, and most importantly, your kiddos stay healthy!




Weekly (Calendar) View – It’s Your BFF

Your Weekly View could be called your Jackrabbit BFF (yes, I mean Best Friend Forever) because through it, you can manage almost all areas of your classes – without going into other menus.

Weekly View: see by Week, by Day, or by Room.

Monthly Schedule: see the month at a glance.

Access the Weekly View

  1. Weekly View button on Dashboard (quickest)
  2. Classes > Advanced Search
  3. Classes > Weekly/Daily Schedule

BLOG_WeeklyView 2.20.17



Tip: Use Settings to set your scheduled Start & End time. Use the earliest Start and latest End time you will have on any day of the week (user permission needed.) Click Refresh to see changes.


Use the Weekly View

1. View by: Week, Day, Room.

2. Color Code: by Category 1 to easily spot different types of classes.

3. List View: see the class name (number of openings), number of FD (future drops) and FE (future enrolls.)

4. Hover View: see class information like max size, openings, and the wait list. Click on Future Drops or Future Enrolls to see details.
BLOG_WeeklyViewBFF-modal 2.20.17

5. Schedule Students:

  • Schedule & Register buttons can add students to the class.
  • The Waitlist button will add them to the waitlist.
  • CLASS FULL will show if the waitlist is full and/or not available.

BLOG_WeeklyView-reg  BLOG_WeeklyView-waitlist  BLOG_WeeklyView-full

6. Show Students: choose to see the names of students scheduled into each class by checking Show Students at the top of the calendar.
The calendar loads quicker without the student names, so they won’t show until you check that box.

7. Views less: Change Criteria to narrow down which classes display.

8. Add/Create a Class: Double-click on any open time slot to quickly add/create a class right from the calendar.
Tip: Once you Submit you will see the message Class created successfully (class ID#). Do not click Submit again or you will create a duplicate class. (The Submit button does not go away.)

Click Add Another Class, View Calendar, Schedule or Register to continue.
This shows on the Daily View (click on the day header from the Weekly View)

9. Staff Availability: show general availability and days/times they are not available for things like doctor’s apt, vacation, holiday, etc.
From Staff > Availability add Standard Available Hours.
Then, click Add Exceptions to add times they will be away.Add/Create a Class: Double-click on any open time slot to quickly add/create a class right from the calendar.

Monthly Schedule

– Sort by Cat1 or Session to narrow down.

– Check ‘Show Instructors’ to see them list with the class.

– Hover over a class to see class details like on the Weekly View.


Email Families You Choose from Aged Account Report Results

Here’s your scenario: You pull your Aged Account Report. As you look over your results, you think, “Wow, I’d really like to email those whose account totals more than $100.”

Did you know that now you can?

How awesome is that? And what’s even better is that you can do it directly from the report you’re looking at in Jackrabbit!

It’s true. You now have the option to email all, or select individual families and send emails from the results of running your Aged Account Report.

You’ll see your email editor open up with prefilled recipients. Statements or other data is not attached or sent. After the email opens, you can simply write a quick reminder to the families that you select, that their account needs attention.


Remember that all multi-recipient emails from Jackrabbit are always BCC’s. There is never a concern that any recipient can see the other recipients of the email.

You can use email templates provided in Jackrabbit to create visually appealing and effective reminder emails.


In sending an email to multiple recipients, it’s best to tailor your email to be more general in tone, and not address details of a specific account, unless you choose to send emails to individual families.

It is possible to send emails to individuals from the Aged Account Report results by selecting each family from the right-hand-side check box and sending a separate email to each. This is time-consuming and sort of defeats the purpose of this feature – which is to make sending a reminder email as simple and quick as possible.

By the way, if you like this new feature, you may have more to like in the near future. We have other reports that will have emailing options available in report results in the future. Keep your ears open for more on this.


Sessions Drop-down Lists Additions Streamline Adding Classes

You can now enter Start, End and Registration Dates to the Drop-down List for your Sessions. These are optional. Using them is a time-saver when adding or editing Classes and helps ensure consistency.

Spoiler alert: this feature is a first step to Prorating tuition during online registration!

Here are the details:

  • Setup your session’s dates in the Drop-down List for Sessions.
  • When new classes are added in this session, the default dates are automatically added to the Class Summary tab for you!
  • For existing classes, if you edit the session on the Class’s Summary tab, you will be alerted and asked if you want to leave the existing dates or use the dates of the new session.
  • When using Copy Classes, the selected session’s start, end and registration dates are automatically used for the new classes.
  • When using Edit All Classes, if you edit the session you will be alerted and asked if you want to leave the existing dates or use the session dates.

Tools > Edit Settings – Drop-down Lists has Date fields:



Choices when editing a Class’s Session:


Tip: Dates aren’t needed on past or archived sessions. Consider selecting ‘Hide’ for these Sessions to get them out of your view when working in Jackrabbit. You can always un-hide them later, as needed. See Hiding sessions.

Sessions Drop-down Lists Additions Are Preliminary Steps to Prorating Tuition

You may have noticed the new field where you can add Start, End and Registration Dates to each Session you create. It’s true, this is exciting just for the time saving convenience and consistency it adds, but did you know that it is paving the way for something even cooler?

Prorating tuition is coming soon to all CLASS Based Care databases!

Yes, you heard me right! You will soon be able to pro-rate a customer’s tuition and have that prorated amount post automatically when they register either online or in the portal. The first step to getting setup for prorating is to fill in the new Session Date fields. Look in Tools > Drop-down Lists, then go to Sessions.


Not sure if you use Class Based Billing in your Care database? Go to Transactions on the blue menu bar. If you see Post Tuition Fees, you use Class Based Billing. If you see Post STUDENT Tuition Fees, then you use Student Based Billing and pro-rating will not be available. Why only Class Based Care? Well, Student Based Billing is so customizable that you get to assign a unique tuition rate to each student after they register. Since no tuition is ever posted during registration, there is nothing to prorate.

Need more information on Class vs Student Based Billing in your software? This help page answers most questions – there is even a short video. As always, the Support Team is here for questions or if you want to discuss features.

Do You Use Our Awesome Pie Chart?

If you haven’t used our Pie Chart before, now is a great time to look into it.

We’ve made it even better by including your Cat 1 name in the individual charts.



Where do you find this pie chart?

It is the Enrollment Category1 Chart under Key Metrics on your Executive Dashboard.


If you or those on your staff are visual, this chart is the best way to communicate your enrollment breakdown.

What is Project Declutter All About?

During the month of February, we are highlighting some items that exemplify customer love. From a feature and a project that illustrate our focus on customers’ needs and ideas to comments from customers and Jackrabbit staff who are passionate about our software, you’ll see things that enlighten you or confirm what you already know.

Aligning our product development with your ideas and requests is pretty much our mantra. Our customers are indeed where the “heart” of our passion lies. So here is a big project that is all about you: Project Declutter.

You may have noticed some enhancements published lately are noted to be part of Project Declutter.

Here is how this project came about.

You see our Send Idea button in your software and we know that many of your use it! We have thousands of your ideas logged in a database that is reviewed all year long, but is especially important to review before we develop our “software roadmap” for each year. Our dev department has a place in that roadmap for your ideas that is alongside the things that they believe are critical to the software.

Reviewing your ideas is what inspired project declutter.

We know that our pages have lots of information on them. It is all important but we’ve seen from your suggestions that this can be frustrating – even for seasoned users – and confusing for new users.

We decided to do something about it. Even though it’s a simple statement, “decluttering” the software is actually a pretty big and complex project. It’s like that elephant that we have to eat one bite at a time. That is exactly what Project Declutter enables us to do. When we see quick things that we can do along the development and enhancement path, we just do them. It’s like taking a bite out of the elephant. The enhancements that fall under the Project Declutter category continue to grow. We hope you are noticing the results in the software without having to be told that there is a project named for these efforts. And we think it’s important that you know this project exists so you know how seriously we take what you tell us.

Before decluttering:


After decluttering:


Why Jackrabbit is the #1 Software for Childcare Centers

Jackrabbit offers everything studios need to operate and grow. Here are just some of the reasons why more than 4,500 customers love using the all-in-one, online software solution.

  1. We give you help when you need it. Your work hours aren’t 9 to 5, Monday through Friday so your need for help doesn’t always happen then either. We understand this, so we’re available to you when it fits your schedule. Whether you’re processing payments for the first time or setting your online registration for a new session, your Jackrabbit support team is there for you with quick responses that will help you get your work done.

One thing is for sure, we not only want you to get our help when you need it, but we also want you to do it in the way that makes you most comfortable. For those reasons, we offer support using the fastest possible method – a Support Button available on every screen of your Jackrabbit software. Regardless of where you are working in Jackrabbit, you can click the button and get help. Submit a ticket, chat or schedule a phone call with our support team. We’re available to you and eager to help you with whatever software issue is challenging you.  


“We love that we have a voice with Jackrabbit Care. Our suggestions for new features are greeted with enthusiasm and they do everything they can to add those enhancements to the system for all their clients to have.” Cristin Jensen from Central Christian Academy

“Jackrabbit Care has been wonderful to me. They help me solve problems, they help me get set up. They are always ready to answer questions. They are always improving the site to make it dummy friendly.” Kathy Schaeffer, Kathy’s Child Care

  1. We help you give your parents what they need.Your center’s parents are pretty needy and reach out to you for everything from simple questions to convenient ways to pay. We make it possible for you to eliminate the calls, the emails, the interruptions to your day with the Customer Portal. 365/24/7 access to accounts, calendars, class listings and schedules and invoices– everything parents want from you.

The Parent Portal is one of the most powerful of the Jackrabbit components because it helps you make you center’s parents very happy. You can be 365/24/7 with no extra staffing or hours by offering secure processes and information to parents. They have convenience and you eliminate data entry and manual payment processing from your to-do list!


“Jackrabbit’s Portal and Online Registration have made a big difference with parents. They control their own information and their own destinies because we give them the tools to manage their accounts at the best time and from the best place for them. That is a real differentiator.” Kyle Grussmeyer, All Star Legacy

“Jackrabbit’s Online Registration and Customer Portal totally transform the way parents do business with your school and eliminate the drudgery of entering data and processing payments by hand.” Buffy Folise, Chicago Swim School

“The Customer Portal is one of the best features of Jackrabbit! Our parents love the accountability and freedom it offers them. The program is very user-friendly and support is fast and accurate. We are so glad we chose this program, it has saved us time and energy in an already busy environment.” Elizabeth Small, Define Dance Space LLC

  1. You always know where your money is.Who has paid tuition and who hasn’t? Are more checks in the mail? Whose credit card was declined? Jackrabbit makes it possible for you to eliminate inefficient payment methods and collections and to simply get your money quickly. With Jackrabbit, you always know how much you’ve collected and any issues payments have encountered.

ExecDash_plain_CareThe Executive Dashboard gives users a window into the areas of their business that are most important to them. Owners may want different data than Directors and Directors may want to see something different than teachers. For these very reasons, we’ve made the dashboard customizable to the needs and desires of the person who is logged in.

“Jackrabbit’s Dashboard gives me a quick glance into the most important details of my business so I can stay in touch with daily wins and challenges. It also opens the window into class details and this is very important in knowing what is really going on with students and instructors.” Wilma Lee, 4Cats South Burnaby

“The simplicity of an online system means we no longer have to think about updates and maintenance of the software and the convenience of anywhere access enables us to provide detailed answers – regardless of where we are when a parent asks questions.”  Jason Bergstrom, West University Baptist Church’s KidStuff

  1. We’ve always put you first. From the very beginning, we built our software around what you need by asking, listening and doing. We constantly enhance our software, putting more than 200 per year in place based on your requests and challenges you share with us. We always work toward a higher level of excellence so that you can efficiently operate and effortlessly grow. It is truly all about you.

sendideascreenThe Submit Idea button is proof that you’re priority one. This is a key part of the Jackrabbit software development plan because it is critical to how we learn what you need, what concerns you and what makes you happy.  

“Reports are just one example of how we know that Jackrabbit pays attention to our needs in trying to fashion the solution  in a way that makes sense for our type business. You can’t put a dollar value on that kind of attention to detail.” Joanna Harmon, Blount County Extended School Program

“Jackrabbit’s open attitude toward user input on development is refreshing! Through the Submit Idea button, we know that we’re putting our ideas directly in front of those who create new features and enhancements. We usually quickly hear back that our idea is on the development schedule. ”  JR & Kelley Zeringue, ACE All Stars Gadsden

“Since implementing Jackrabbit in 2008, we’ve used the “Submit Idea” button in our application many times to share our software epiphanies with them. It is a great tool that connects us directly with development. The continuous enhancement list shows that they pay attention to what we say.”  Amy Allen, Turning Pointe

  1. We give you training anytime you need it. From the time you become a Jackrabbit user until you’re a “seasoned” user, we have training for you! When you’re setting up critical components, having guides can be a tremendous comfort. When you’re brushing up on features you haven’t used in a while, videos help you brush up on the details. When you’re setting up online registration on your website or in your parent portal, step-by-step instructions can save your sanity. It’s obvious from these examples, that training is crucial. We believe good training is important in helping you to become proficient and happy with our software!

We make our training even better by providing it to you in multiple ways: getting started tools, online help and guides, subject specific videos, online interactive training, and one-on-one Jumpstart or Utilization Review phone calls.


“Jackrabbit made sure we were off to a good start. The Jump Start Call did more than help us get our database set up. It also gave us great confidence in using the software to the max. The videos are awesome tools because we can look at them whenever we need a little refresher in one area or another.”  – Shelby Bruyer, Co-Owner, Amaze Dance Studio

  1. You can trust us. We don’t just want your trust, we’re willing to earn it. And we believe you can have confidence in us:

We take pride in the quality, security and reliability of our system. We keep our systems (and your data) in the same data center where banks and major global corporations store their systems and data. Because of this, we can promise you the highest uptime percentages not only in our industry but among all technology solutions. Our development staff believes in excellence and reliability so we use the highest development standards and test, test, test, test.


Summed up, this means that we take the high road in business and development practices to ensure that you have the best software and a trustworthy partner for today and for the long term.  

“Being with Jackrabbit from its beginning stages has – in itself – been a benefit to us. We have seen the system mature and that gives us a very intimate understanding of its inner workings. Several components of the system have been business-changing for us along the way and that is how we know that the company keeps our best interest top-of-mind. They continuously seek out and provide ‘that next thing’ that we need to keep our business humming.” Scott Davis, eNeRGy Kidz

“Jackrabbit has renewed our confidence in our operations. We don’t worry about downtime or outages because they just don’t happen with Jackrabbit and we have support resources that we can depend on.” Jeff Lulla, Fun & Fit Gymnastics

“Jackrabbit saved us from an inefficient software system and has provided us with control over our processes and insight into our information. The value it delivers makes the cost of our previous software seem unjustified! I’m very impressed and pleased that Jackrabbit is willing to improve their products as I grow and improve my business.” Keith Pinkston, New Orleans Dance Academy

There is no doubt that there are more reasons that Jackrabbit is #1, but we think this list covers the most important ones. To learn more, click here.

The Power of the Send Idea Button

You have an amazing button built into every screen of your Jackrabbit software and it can help you to become an “idea generator” who contributes to the creation of new features you see in our software by just clicking on it.

I’m talking about the Send Idea Button. If you’ve never used it there are a couple of things I’d like to tell you.

  1. You should use it.
  2. If you do use it, you have a direct line into our development process.

You see, here at Jackrabbit, there are several things that we are fanatics about and one of them is getting your ideas and input. When the software was first developed, its original designers, thought the best way to gather input was to provide a very simple way for users to send it – no matter where they are in the software. After all, if you wait until you log out and have time to send an email, you’ve probably lost track of your great idea! So they came up with the Send Idea Button and placed it conveniently on every screen. And there it has stayed for all these years!

The Send Idea Button opens a new window in your software so you can see the page that you are on when you have your epiphany. We want you to be as detailed as possible when you provide your idea and this helps you do that!


IdeaButton2CareNo, the Send Idea Button isn’t a new feature or enhancement, but it can be one of the most important buttons you use. It helps us keep our software in sync with you and your business so that we can continue to make improvements and additions that will help you with the new challenges that you face.

I know many of you use the Send Idea Button because we have thousands of your ideas in the database where we track your ideas! Our priority committee managers and product roadmap team use this database constantly. We put high priority on your needs.  

Our Support Team looks at the ideas submitted through the Send Idea Button and if the submitted idea already exists they will let you know. They may also know a way to work around it, until a time when the idea may be added.

Client Cristin Jensen from Central Christian Academy completely understands the Send Idea Button’s purpose.

“We love that we have a voice with Jackrabbit Care. Our suggestions for new features are greeted with enthusiasm and they do everything they can to add those enhancements to the system for all their clients to have.”

Sarah Lane from Sunshine Montessori School notes: “I truly enjoy using Jackrabbit Care. I give a big thumbs up for your staff and how they respond promptly to emails and questions that we send in. Thank you for offering this wonderful system online.

Become an ‘idea generator.’ Send your ideas for what you’d like to see the software do next. Click on the button!