Do You Know How to Transition from One Session to Another in Jackrabbit Care?

Here are some answers to a few basic questions that will help you through the Session Transition process: What are Sessions? Sessions are a way to group together your Classes, Enrollment, and Revenue. You should use Sessions whether you operate year round or close for a period of time. How long is a Session? You get to define how long a Session lasts. A year round school might consider their school “year” to run like a traditional school calendar. For example: “2014-2015” (which runs August to July.) You could also choose to use the calendar year for a Session value, “2014,” or to break out your summer Classes separately such as “Summer 2014.” What is transitioning to a new Session? This is made up of two steps:

  1. Copying over your Classes (with or without enrollment) to a new Session.
  2. Archiving the old Classes/Session. This puts your old Session of Classes “to sleep” – they are now “finished” and are listed in the Archived Classes section of your database only.

What are the advantages of doing this? You should do this even if you operate a year round school because:

  1. It creates comparative data from Session to Session for both enrollment and revenue reporting. It helps you answer the questions: How was my enrollment last year versus this year? Did I gain or lose Students? How much money did I earn last Session versus this Session?
  2. Archiving removes old Classes from the Time Clock so that Students cannot accidentally be Clocked In to “finished” Classes.
  3. Archived Classes also don’t show in your List All Classes or Class search criteria- which means you have fewer values to sift through when working with current Classes!

Ready to move into a new Session? Here is the Standard Operating Procedure for transitioning of Sessions: SessionTrans3JackCare   Create a NEW Class Session value:


SessionTrans1JackCare   Copy Classes from your OLD Session to your NEW Session:

  • Use CLASSES=> COPY CLASSES.  Enter in the old value for Session as the COPY FROM and the new Session as the COPY TOO.  Enter in a new start date for your classes and select whether you want to copy enrollment or not.  Keep it this simple!
  • If you copy enrollment, please note that any Student with a Future Drop Date on their schedule will NOT be copied over.

Edit your NEW Session of Classes:

  • Use CLASSES => EDIT ALL CLASSES to “tweak” your new Session information.  You can search on just the new Session of Classes and use the one page edit Classes screen to modify each value. *Be sure to “Show All” if you have more than one page of results.*

Once your OLD session is complete and you no longer wish to have those classes as ACTIVE, Archive them:

  • Make sure you have finished billing these Classes and run any necessary Attendance Reports first!
  • Use the CLASSES =>ARCHIVE CLASSES function to move your old Session’s Classes into your list of ARCHIVED CLASSES.  This procedure preserves the enrollment history of this Session and allows you to later report on that Session’s enrollment.
  • All Students are dropped from the Class and their Schedule now has an End Date of the day you perform the Archive.

Don’t worry – you can always “Restore” an Archived Class if needed:

  • This “Un-Archives” the Class and restores enrollment.

SessionTrans2JackCare Session/Class Transitioning Road Map TransitionSessionsRoadMap_JackrabbitCare

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