Jackrabbit Care Keeps Center On Top of Critical Business Details

Barbara Bone needs management software that helps her to be efficient and effective in managing all of the processes that fuel the Child Educational Center’s finances. Jackrabbit has been the center’s solution of choice since 2012 and Barbara uses it to make easy work of managing and tracking 600 to 1000 students and parents.

Immediately familiarity.

“I like the Jackrabbit’s design because it works in principle like Excel – only based on classes instead of accounting. Once you understand that, you’ve got it.”

The Child Educational Center has lots of kids with lots of classes and that make for complex scheduling. Jackrabbit gives Barbara the flexibility she needs to set the schedules up and track all of their students without a hitch.

“Jackrabbit handles the details of all of our complexities without the need for me to get manually involved.  I’m not what I’d define as computer savvy – more like computer aware – but it didn’t take me long to establish a good level of proficiency with the system.”   

Complex class scheduling – no problem.

Barbara takes Jackrabbit through its paces in some key areas. She using sorting extensively to manage the all the kids and the unique way they schedule classes.  It’s critical for the center to have detailed money management and all of the details that affect billing and payment collection. Transaction features and automated discounting give Barbara the ability to automatically apply special circumstances to the right accounts.

“Jackrabbit gives me what I need to keep my finger on every financial detail. Statements work well for me and what’s even better is that our parents like them. They get it and appreciate how much easier the software makes it to interact with us.”

Jackrabbit is easy for parents to grasp without asking a lot of questions. It’s a big plus for the center that the parents like what Jackrabbit does for the operations end of the business.

“I’m not what I’d define as computer savvy – more like computer aware – but it didn’t take me long to establish a good level of proficiency with the system. From day one I had great confidence in my ability to do everything I need to do in Jackrabbit because of the safety net that the excellent support team provides. They have my back when I need a question answered. Based on my initial information, they can come back with resolutions or with the right questions to get to the root of my issue. It’s excellent support. They’re smart enough to gather information first so they can come to the conversation prepared to quickly get to the root of my issue.”

Child Educational Center | 752 active students |1 location | Barbara Bone, Finance Manager | www.ceconline.org

Jackrabbit Care Gives Center Director Time to Grow

Mike Arndt was managing Christ Church Children’s Center using paper and Excel. It was a time drain to produce the reports that his accountant needed to manage the financial details of the center. He found a better way by implementing Jackrabbit Care – helping him to streamline perhaps the most important process for the center – collecting payments.

Huge time-saver.

Jackrabbit makes it simple for Mike to know critical details such as who hasn’t paid and what they owe. Holidays can be specified in the system so that they are automatically left out when charges to parents are calculated.

“These processes were very time consuming without Jackrabbit because I had to add and subtract each one or manually apply them. I wouldn’t believe the time savings if I hadn’t experienced it for myself.”

Weekly time consumption by 2 people for enrollment, billing and payments:

Before Jackrabbit – 30 hours

With Jackrabbit – 5 hours

Jackrabbit provides reports that make it easy for Mike to quickly hand information over to the accountant such as deposit reports and paid fees summaries. He uses staff information sheets to make delivering employee data to the accountant.

“Jackrabbit’s reports are so good that the accountant doesn’t even need to login. It takes mere minutes for me to pull and send them formatted for how our accountant works. I can’t imagine what it would be like to revert back to the old process.”

Flexibility in personalizing the details.

Jackrabbit is unique among similar systems in providing flexibility so that the system is personalized to the way the organization needs it.

“This personalization is another time saver because everything fits the way you work instead of requiring that your work fit the system.”

Freedom and confidence.

Mike has filled all of his vacant spaces. This is because he has time to spend on growth-centered activities such as grant application and advertising.

“We can grow because we aren’t constantly stuck in the day-to-day. I can make strategic plans and actually have time to act on them.”  

Jackrabbit is in the cloud so it’s accessible from anywhere there is Internet connectivity and all data is backed up more safely and consistently than individuals can do for themselves.

“The cloud was a big selling point for the church administration. It gave them tremendous confidence in the integrity and dependability of the system and our data and in our ability to access information – or even fire off processes – when out of the office. I have more confidence in the quality of our operations and our ability to improve our services.”    

Value in the investment.

Mike sees tremendous value in Jackrabbit despite the fact that they use just a few of Jackrabbit’s beneficial processes – like class organization, accounting and reporting features. Christ Church Children’s Center is poised for growth and change. They break ground on a new building that will allow for even more growth. Their physical surroundings will accommodate the use of many more of Jackrabbit’s features including online registration, the parent portal and automated attendance check-in.

“I’m thrilled with the time-savings we’ve been able to realize today. When we’re in our new building, our benefits will increase exponentially. We will take more processes paperless, allow parents to self-manage and offer enrollments to a broader community than ever before via the Internet.”

Christ Church Children’s Center | 101 active students |1 location | Mike Arndt, Director

Jackrabbit Care’s Efficiencies Help Owner Keep Pace with Her Center’s Growth

Angie Dutch’s APEC Learning Center was in growth mode when she began looking for a software management system that would allow for the changes associated with going from 4 sites to 9. Several systems that Angie trialed wouldn’t work for her because they weren’t web-based. Then Angie discovered Jackrabbit Care and found that it gave her everything necessary for managing her business and its growth – including three critical capabilities that Angie considers to be game-changers.

  1. Tracking revenue is the only way Angie can easily understand how much more she can do. Jackrabbit Care’s features enable Angie to see everything critical to her decision making and to reduce previously location-based processes to a single corporate-wide posting process.
  2. Being able to sit in one place and manage all nine locations keeps Angie out of her car and in complete control. Jackrabbit Care’s web-based format and single database structure gives Angie a unified “corporate” view and hands-on access to every detail about every location.
  3. Communicating effectively with parents and staff boosts the quality of services that Angie’s centers provide. Jackrabbit provides tools that Angie to be direct and detailed in communicating with everyone just as quick and easy as communicating with small groups or individuals.

“The pace of our growth never could have continued without Jackrabbit Care. Without it, managing our growth would have been overwhelming. Automating processes – such as APEC’s  enrollment – have been fantastic in freeing up staff for more meaningful tasks.”

A great example of how much efficiency Jackrabbit Care’s online registration delivers is the change in impact of the open house events that APEC once used to enroll students. As many as 400 enrollments would come in during one open house. The weekend following the open house was a totally chaotic marathon of data entry and class organization. After offering online registration, enrollment during the open house wasn’t even necessary. Parents do all the data entry. Staff just watches classes fill up.

Jackrabbit Care also helped APEC make quite an impression on the state’s “Bright from the Start” program that inspects and licenses child care centers to operate in paperless mode. Because of the accuracy, efficiency and security of Jackrabbit’s processes, APEC was quickly approved to be paper file free.

“Jackrabbit Care is the reason that we can be paperless. We save time, money and space. Parents love the online options and we’re kinder to the environment. Jackrabbit Care’s reports also make it easy for me to quickly pull reports that are required to maintain some of our location’s childcare subsidies.”

APEC Learning Center | 739 students |9 locations | Angie Dutch, Founder/CEO | www.apecprep.com

Inspiring Multi-Cultural Learning

Darwin and Melissa Eubanks treat the students in their learning center like their own. This is the passion that drives what they teach and how they teach it. They take personally and seriously their responsibility for making sure that each of their 70+ children is prepared for kindergarten and prepared for the richly diverse and ever-changing world.

The Eubanks own and operate Minds in Motion – a children’s learning center on the outskirts of Greenville, South Carolina – that sets itself apart by focusing on teaching science, mathematics and languages. In addition, the center is deeply diverse. Practically in the backyards of Michelin and BMW, Minds in Motion serves families from an incredibly diverse local population with a teaching staff that is just as culturally blended. From the Ukraine and Russia to Bangladesh, the Minds in Motion learning environment offers its children a unique learning experience and helps them to prepare for the start of school – potentially in a classroom that is just as culturally diverse. Darwin and Melissa are inspiring multi-cultural learning in their center.

Our visit to Minds in Motion got me to thinking: Why is this differentiator important?

From my perspective, there are two obvious reasons that the focus on diversity is important.

Children develop a more global perspective when they are taught about the cultures of the world. It goes beyond just being around children from other cultures. While the faces that you see at Minds in Motion may have roots from many places around the globe, it’s the curriculum that really stretches the boundaries for children. By teaching such cultural details as the types of crops grown in different countries, regions or by different ethnic groups. Minds in Motion uses its many gardens that are planted around its center include a Japanese garden, a Native American garden, a sensory garden, and a “repellent” garden filled with such plants as lemon balm and lavender.

Children develop fewer cultural barriers when they experience cultural diversity early on. If you don’t think being open minded about other cultures is important, consider that when the children from Minds in Motion start Kindergarten, they will do so in a Greenville County School system environment that is 59.9% Caucasian, 26% African American, 10.4% Hispanic, 2.6% Asian and .2% Native American. And since we can’t simply prepare children for where they are but for where they might go, look at U.S. 52% Caucasian, 16% African American, 24% Hispanic, 5% Asian, 1% Native American and 3% whose race blends two or more.  Now it makes complete sense for Darwin and Melissa to insist that a diverse blend of languages be included in their curriculum.

The world we live in is made up of people who aren’t all the same and opening up this realization to children early in their learning experiences will help them to grow up being more open-minded, well-rounded, engaging and globally-minded.

Access to information opens window to excellence for owners and parents

The administrative demands of Kathy’s small but growing child care center were consuming far too much of the time that she would prefer to spend with her students and teachers. Using a software management system would enable her to put technology to work for her and operate the business end of her center as if she had hired a full-time administrative person.

“Using Jackrabbit Care has made managing my child care much more enjoyable. I find myself with more time to spend in the activities that drew me to open this facility. I spend less time in the administrative cycles of my business but I know more about it than I ever have before.” Kathy Schaeffer, Kathy’s Child Care

SOFTWARE TOOLS HELP CENTER DELIVER NEW LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE | Automation and streamlined processes make record-keeping for amazingly simple and quick. And tools like the Time Clock allow Kathy’s efficiencies to soar even higher. Using Jackrabbit, Kathy transformed her manual record-keeping ordeal from a 4 hour per week time consumer to a simple, quick and automated process.

“I can actually get away from my desk and have meaningful interaction with students, teachers and parents. The feeling of renewed freedom in my own facility is amazing. Improving what we do is definitely data driven. When I know more about my business, I see awesome changes in the way we are able to serve our families. And helping parents to be more knowledgeable about their child’s care gives them more confidence in what we do on a daily basis for them and their child.” Kathy Schaeffer, Kathy’s Child Care

PORTAL OPENS 24/7 WINDOW INTO CHILD’S LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR PARENTS | The parent portal is the part of Jackrabbit that parents actually see and use – and they love it. They can review their child’s activities and progress and control their payments and records at their convenience. The portal is also the parent’s access to online registration which makes it easy and convenient to take care of every registration detail – including payment – so that they never miss their preferred class option or stand in a line to secure it.

“Parents are ecstatic with the online options that Jackrabbit opens up to them. It’s like a window into our center that removes me as the middle man for information. It’s more efficient for everyone!” Kathy Schaeffer, Kathy’s Child Care

REPORTS GIVE OWNERS NEW INSIGHT INTO DATA | As the parent portal is a window into the center for parents, Jackrabbit’s reporting capabilities open a window into the center for the owner. Information that many owners would have never put to use in business analysis and decision making are presented in an easy to comprehend executive dashboard. The dashboard is customizable so that each owner can tailor the view to their preferences. Comprehensive report choices are available for running other reports and criteria can be saved in report templates for reuse.

“Jackrabbit’s reports are a tremendous help to me. I can just glance at my executive dashboard and learn key information about how my facility is running and how my business is progressing. I never had valuable information like this before implementing Jackrabbit.” Kathy Schaeffer, Kathy’s Child Care

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 14 students, 2 teachers, Kathy Schaeffer, Owner

Jackrabbit’s web-based system liberates users from cumbersome PC-based software

Knowing that the future of school management software was in online solutions and not PC-based ones as they were using, Central Christian Academy made the moves to change systems. In addition to gaining all of the benefits of online solutions, the school gained smooth and integrated features that produced results that were much less time-consuming ad wrought with inaccuracies by implementing Jackrabbit Care.

“Jackrabbit Care has made managing our day-to-day tasks much easier. I don’t know how we managed with a PC-based system in the past. The system is easy to learn and use – and that is says a lot since I’m not very computer savvy.” Cristin Jensen, Central Christian Academy

INTUITIVE, EASY-TO-USE SYSTEM MAKES FOR IMMEDIATE STAFF PROFICIENCY | Central Christian Academy’s small group of users ramped up their new solution quickly. The questions they had were addressed early on by Jackrabbit’s support team and training videos helped when they needed tips in the midst of running first-time processes.

“It was easy for us to get comfortable with Jackrabbit. The support team was very helpful and having the training videos to use as refreshers as we actually got into doing real work made even the least confident among us comfortable.” Cristin Jensen, Central Christian Academy

COMPREHENSIVE ACCOUNTING FEATURES SIMPLIFY BILLING CYCLES | Jackrabbit’s single database foundation makes access to comprehensive student and billing data easy for the Central Christian Academy team. The accounting features make quick work of monthly billing cycles and the summary pages making cross-checking the details simple. And the online access makes looking up details, kicking of processes or running reports available  whether working in the office or from home.

“Jackrabbit Care’s web-based format is liberating. Whether I need to answer important questions for parents, double-check work done by other staff members or kick off billing, I can now do so from my home.” Cristin Jensen, Central Christian Academy

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 115 students, 15 teachers, Cristin Jensen, Program Director

Jackrabbit transforms school program from frustrated and inefficient to delighted and productive

Blount County Extended School Program realized they needed to find a new software system when their maintenance issues and downtime reached intolerable proportions. Software should help them not hinder them.

SIMPLICITY MEANS LITTLE RAMP UP TO GREATER EFFICIENCY | Blount County staff found using Jackrabbit quite intuitive and simple so they wasted no time in becoming quite proficient with several features that transformed the way they operate.  Jackrabbit made everything from student registrations to billing processes easier and quicker to complete with more accurate results. The office demeanor has even changed from one based on frustration to one of delight in doing more.

“Jackrabbit is very forgiving software. I don’t think you can miss it up if you tried. We’re all more confident in answering questions because we feel secure with the accuracy of our information.”  Joanna Harmon, Blount County Extended School Program

REPORTING TAKES DREAD OUT OF ANNUAL FINANCIAL TASKS | Dreaded annual tasks – such as budgeting – are simplified using Jackrabbit’s reporting feature. Reports can be run against a comprehensive set of search criteria to get details specific to the organization’s structure, needs and goals and then saved so that selection of criteria for this customized data pull doesn’t have to be done again. This is a huge time saver for staff who need the same report data time after time – as in each year’s budget planning.

“Reports are just one example of how we know that Jackrabbit pays attention to our needs in trying to fashion the solution  in a way that makes sense for our type business. You can’t put a dollar value on that kind of attention to detail.” Joanna Harmon, Blount County Extended School Program

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 13 locations, 1000-1200 students, 75 teachers, Joanna Harmon, Program Director